Names of burials in Elmwood Cemetery
Mexico, Missouri

Please keep in mind  that all burials, in particular Recent burials may not be on this list.
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This is a large file. Please use the surname initial below.
Alexander, Unaiveve
Allbaugh monument
Allbaugh, Frances M.M.
Allen, Alma E.
Allen, Charles K.
Allen, Charles M.
Allen, Chester R.
Allen, Dorothy Holmes
Allen, Dr. Evelyn
Allen, Ettie Martha
Allen, Hazel
Allen, Horace H.
Allen, Ida
Allen, Jake N.
Allen, Jesse M.
Allen, John
Allen, Kate Ringo
Allen, Laura Elizabeth
Allen, Lula H.
Allen, Martha Frances
Allen, Martha Frances H.
Allen, Marvin L.
Allen, Mary W.
Allen, May Brauer
Allen, Minnie C.
Allen, Ola Blanche
Allen, Olive L.
Allen, Paul L.
Allen, Perilee
Allen, R.A. Maddock
Allen, Robert
Allen, Robert W.
Allen, Ruth Burrows
Allen, Veronica L.
Allen, Worth B.
Allen Wray
Allensworth, James Edward
Allensworth, Mrs. Julia
Allison, Chas.
Allison, Chas. W.
Allison, Chauncey L.
Allison, Ella R.
Allison, Emma
Allison, Giles S.
Allison, Hobart Taylor
Allison, J.D.
Allison, Jeffrey M.
Allison, Jennie
Allison, Kate B.
Allison, Linda
Allison, Lula M.
Allison, M.A.E.
Allison, Martha Sullinger
Allison, Mary E.
Allison, Nathaniel MD
Allison, Rennie E.
Allison, Robert M.
Allison, S.R.
Allison, W.E.
Althiser, Cornelius
Althiser, Flossie M.
Althiser, Hazel Estes
Althiser, Ira Lee
Althiser, James Leroy
Althiser, James N.
Althiser, John E.
Althiser, Mary M.
Althiser, Susan A.
Altrogge, Emmett Carl
Altrogge, Florence Dean
Alvis, Esther E. Neblett
Alvis, Linwood
Alvis, William Lewis
ALW (footstone)
Anderson, Bessie Bickel
Anderson, Brice
Anderson, Carl Richard
Anderson, David
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Emma G.
Anderson, Frank W.

Beckley, Mayme
Beckley, Nevil C.
Beckley, Rubena
Beckwith, Sue A.
Bedbury, Ella L.
Bedbury, John Thomas
Beechum, Frank C.
Beedie, Margaret
Beedle, Frank T.
Beedle, Ollie P.
Beemon, Stella Frances
Belcher, Arthur
Belcher, Beatrice
Belcher, Clifford C.
Belcher, Cora
Belcher, Elzada
Belcher, Emily
Belcher, Emmett
Belcher, Etta Crawford
Belcher, Euel Elwood
Belcher, Henry M.
Belcher, I.T.
Belcher, John Henry
Belcher, Lillie P.
Belcher, Lucy
Belcher, Pearl E.
Bell, Alvin
Bell, Anna D.
Bell, Annie M.
Bell, Cornelia
Bell, Eugene
Bell, J. Earl
Bell, Jane Ann
Bell, Jasper
Bell, John D.
Bell, John Henry
Bell, Josiah Renick
Bell, Lela M.
Bell, Lucy
Bell, Pinkie
Bell, S.H.
Bell, Velma
Bellamy, Charles E.
Benjamin, Norma
Benjamin, Robert T.
Bennett, Michael V.
Bennett, Paulina
Bennett, Pauline
Bennett, R.E.
Benskin, Alva U.
Benskin, Bob
Benskin, Marjorie V.
Benson, Gloria Hunt
Benton, Shirley I.
Berrey, J. Edgar
Berrey, Joseph W.
Berrey, Mary A.
Berrey, Nancy J.
Berrey, Robert W. MD
Berrey, Ruth H.
Berry, Ada M.
Berry, Bettie L.
Berry, Caleb
Berry, Cynthia
Berry, Floy B.
Berry, Gaither
Berry, Harry
Berry, Jessie
Berry, Lida
Berry, Milford
Berry, Sammy Lee
Berry, Walter C.
Berry, infant
Besling, Olive Marie
Best, Howard R.
Best, John A. MD
Bethel, Mary Effie
Betz, Adda C.
Betz, Dr. J. F.
Bezner, Genelle R.
Bezner, Porter
Bibb, Della C.
Bickel, Alice Jean
Bickel, Benjamin H.
Bickel, Bessie
Bickel, Bessie Marie
Bickel, Mildred F.
Bickel, William H.
Bickley, Alice D.
Bickley, Amelia Wade
Bickley, Arthur
Bickley, Clara Aydelot
Bickley, Edna
Bickley, Frank Wade
Bickley, John Howard
Bickley, Lina
Bickley, Mary
Bickley, Samuel W.
Biggers, A.H.
Biggers, Albert F. Jr.
Biggers, Albert Franklin
Biggers, Clarence W.
Biggers, Horace Benton
Biggers, Jimmie Wayne
Biggers, Julia Elizabeth
Biggers, Luther
Biggers, Medora
Biggers, Myrtle Grace
Biggers, Ollie May
Biggers, Pearle I.
Biggers, Susie J.
Biggers, Wm. Frank
Biggers, Wm. W. & N.J.
Biggs, Belle
Biggs, M.O.
Biles, Druzilla
Biles, R.D.
Biles, William
Birch, Charles J.
Bird, Anna E.
Bird, Cassie J.
Bird, George F.
Bird, Hugh O.
Bird, John Turner
Bird, Mabel M.
Bird, Ora Belle
Bird, Richard C.
Bird, Walter F.
Bird, William
Bird, William A.
Bise, Celia
Bise, Charlie A.
Bise, Helen
Bise, Maxine M.
Bise, Myrtle
Bise, Orval
Bise, Orval H.
Bise, Orval Henry
Bise, Paul J.
Bise, S.H.
Bise, Vivian Carol
Bise, Wallace R.
Bise, William H.
Bishop, Bobby
Bishop, Bonnie Sue
Bishop, Booker
Bishop, Clara O.
Bishop, Frank L.
Bishop, Gracie C.
Bishop, J.H.
Bishop, James R.
Bishop, John R.
Bishop, Laura
Bishop, Marjorie F.
Bishop, Pearl
Bishop, Raymond
Bishop, Robert
Bishop, Sophrona Hunter
Bishop, William Frank
Biswell, Tillie Jane
Black, Bessie W. Dodd
Black, Betty L.
Black, Callie L.
Black, Charles L.
Black, Charles O.
Black, Clarence A.
Black, Clifton A.
Black, Clifton T.
Black, Dollie B.
Black, Elizabeth P.
Black, Elzene R.
Black, G. Smith
Black, Helen
Black, Henrietta M.
Black, Homer A.
Black, Hugh F.
Black, Jemima
Black, Joseph E.
Black, Leona
Black, Mary Ellen
Black, Mary J.
Black, Oscar
Black, Parolee F.
Black, Robert Lee
Black, Rugina A. Azdell
Black, Russell E.
Black, Sarah B.
Black, Theodore
Black, Tom Ed
Black, William J.
Black, Woodrow W.
Blackburn, Bertal Roy
Blackburn, Carl Hays
Blackburn, Dorothy Null
Blackburn, Georgia Hays
Blackburn, Gilbert L.
Blackburn, John Lewis
Blackburn, Lena
Blackman, Carrie C.
Blackman, Everett E.
Blackmore, Alvin L.
Blackmore, Sylvia M.
Blain, Harry H.
Blain, Opal M.
Blaine, Annie
Blair, Elsie E.
Blair, James E.
Blair, Nancy A.
Blair, Raymond E.
Blair, Robert J.
Blake, Eva Mae
Blake, Roscoe
Blakemore, Annie E.
Blakey, Clarence Burton
Blakey, Ida Mae
Blanton, Margaret Beedie
Blase, August H.
Blase, Edward H.
Blase, Emma
Blase, Ruth N.
Blase, William F.
Blatner, Mrs. W.C.
Blattner, Hazel W.
Blattner, Stanley E.
Blattner, W. Clyde
Blattner, William C.
Blattner, Willie L.
Bledsoe, Abner D.
Bledsoe, Annie
Bledsoe, Berry S.
Bledsoe, Bessie
Bledsoe, Charles C.
Bledsoe, Earl L.
Bledsoe, Ella
Bledsoe, Frances Clark
Bledsoe, James
Bledsoe, James Willis
Bledsoe, John
Bledsoe, Nannie
Bledsoe, Vergie
Bliven, Daniel D.
Bliven, Hiram
Bliven, Margaret
Bliven, Maria
Blondin, Ellsworth J.
Blondin, Susie V.
Blowers, George W.
Blowers, Joyce Lena
Blue, Dorothy M.
Blue, Herbert
Blue, Horace
Blue, Lilia
Blue, Pearl
Blum, Anna D.
Blum, Etta
Blum, Frank E.
Blum, J.E.
Blum, John W.
Blum, Louis
Blum, Ola
Blum, Valrea H.
Blum, William
Blume, Arthur L.
Blume, Hattie E.
Board, Lucy B.
Board, Thomas S.
Boatman, Edna E.
Boatman, J. Robert
Boatman, Ora B.
Boatman, Roy M.
Boatman, William N.
Boaz, Mary A.
Bobbitt, Forrest M.
Bodecker, George H.
Bodkin, Edd
Bodkin, Emma
Bodkin, Luly M.
Bodkin, Z.T.
Boeger, Louis A.
Boeger, Wilhelmine L.
Boeger, William H.
Boettger, H.C.
Boettger, Myrtle
Boicourt, Dutch
Boicourt, Everett L.
Boicourt, Margaret Kennett
Boicourt, Mary Margaret
Boid, Edward L.
Biollot, Eula
Boillot, Sarah E.
Boillot, William W.
Bolden, Martha
Bolden, Nelson
Bolden, Sallie
Bolden, Tokie
Bolden, Willie C.

Cauthorn, S. Maud
Cauthorn, Sallie R.
Cauthorn, Susie C.
Cauthorn, Thomas C.
Cauthorn, infant boy
Cave, Addie West
Cave, Angeline
Cave, Dr. E.S.
Cave, Edwin S.
Cave, George H.D.
Cave, Jemmy
Cave, Lynn R.
Cave, Margaret (2)
Cave, Margaret F.
Cave, Thadus
Cave, William S.
Cawthorn, Anna D.
Cawthorn, Herbert B.
Cawthorn, John A.
Cawthorn, John Alva
Cawthorn, Mary E.
Cawthorn, Mary Rachel
Cawthorn, Rachel Fegan
Cawthorn, Sallie P.
Chadwell, John E.
Chadwell, Susan A.
Chadwick, George A.
Chadwick, Rosa Lee
Chalmers, J.E.
Chalmers, Kalloola
Chalmers, L.R.
Chambers, Emmitt
Chambers, Glen Eric
Chambers, Grace E.
Chambers, James L.
Chambers, John
Chambers, Nathaniel
Chambliss, Cecil A.
Champ, Nellie Vaughn
Champ, Thomas
Chandler, Lydia D. Pease
Chaney, Wilma Irene
Chapman, Alex
Chapman, Doris E.
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Roy A.
Chappell, Anna G.
Chappell, Charles F.
Charles, Donald Ray
Charlton, Catherine
Chase, Hallie Willis
Chase, James A.
Chase, Phyllis A.
Cheatum, Clementine
Cheatum, Edna M.
Cheatum, Joseph W.
Chenoweth, John W.
Chenoweth, Julia
Chenoweth, Mary
Chenoweth, Mary Gamble
Chesnut, C. Leroy
Chesnut, Dr. Eleanor
Chesnut, George
Childs, Hazel Bankhead
Chilton, Anna F.
Chilton, W. Glenn
Chrisman, Clyde G.
Chrisman, Idaree
Chrisman, Nina K.
Chrisman, Roy
Christian, Adaline
Christian, Frank (2)
Christian, James R.
Christian, Linnie A.
Christian, Opal D.
Christian, Richard F.
Christian, Roger P.
Christian, William Price
Churchill,William J.
Clabaugh, Ethel
Clabaugh, Hattie
Clabaugh, John T.
Clacher, Hannah
Clacher, James
Clacher, infant
Clanton, George L.
Clanton, Helen
Clanton, Ida W.
Clanton, Laura
Clanton, Minnie Annie
Clanton, Nellie
Clanton, William Henry
Clapper, Fred
Clapper, Fred K.
Clapper, George E.
Clapper, Mary F.
Clark, Amanda
Clark, Arleen
Clark, Arthur
Clark, Arthur D.
Clark, Asenath
Clark, B.
Clark, Bessie
Clark, Blanche
Clark, Charles F.
Clark, Charles R.
Clark, Charlie
Clark, Chas. F.
Clark, Craig
Clark, Cyrus F.
Clark, D.O.
Clark, David M.
Clark, David P.
Clark, Dora F.
Clark, Dorothy
Clark, Earnest
Clark, Edgar
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Elizabeth J.
Clark, Emma
Clark, Everett May
Clark, Forest O.
Clark, George
Clark, George F.
Clark, Georgie
Clark, Grant C.
Clark, Harry
Clark, Hattie W.
Clark, Henry
Clark, J.
Clark, J.E.
Clark, J.P.
Clark, Jacob P.
Clark, James D.
Clark, John
Clark, John Everett
Clark, John F.
Clark, John M.
Clark, John P. (2)
Clark, Kenneth W.
Clark, Leola Rodman
Clark, Luella M.
Clark, Mabel Kidd
Clark, Maggie
Clark, Margaret E.
Clark, Margaretha A.
Clark, Marietta
Clark, Mary L. (2)
Clark, Mrs. Nettie
Clark, Nellie R.
Clark, Oliver D.
Clark, Robert Cole
Clark, Robert Lee
Clark, Roy C.
Clark, Sophie Ruth
Clark, Susie B.
Clark, Velma
Clark, W.W.
Clark, Walter M. (2)
Clark, Walter W.
Clark, Wilmoth
Clark, Wilmoth S.
Clark, Wm. M.
Clark, infant dau.
Clark, infant son
Clayborn, James Wesley
Clayborn, Lucille
Clayborn, Sylvia
Clayton, E.H.
Clayton, Linnie S.
Claywell, John
Claywell, Wm.
Cleaver, Sue
Clem, Anna May
Clem, Morgan
Clemens, Katherine
Clement, Harris W.
Clement, Irene Billings
Clendenin, Nancy H.
Clendenin, Thomas J.
Clendenin, Thomas J. Jr.
Cleveland, Alice
Cleveland, C.S.
Cline, Anna Maude
Cline, Clarence Eugene
Cline, Kathryn Bernice
Cline, Lewis T.
Cline, Louisa
Cline, Lynn
Cline, Martha F.
Cline, Mary E.
Cline, Mary K. Miller
Cline, Regina
Cline, Resa
Cline, William J.
Cline, William Raymond
Clinton, Lulu
Cluster, A.B.
Cluster, Harold
Cluster, Mattie Jameson
Clutter, Hattie

Dean, Annie M.
Dean, Charles H.
Dean, Eliza Kimpson
Dean, Florence Azile
Dean, George L.
Dean, Jennie
Dean, Lucian
Dean, Lullie
Dean, Mary E.
Dean, Ralph K.
Dean, Rees
Deane, Martha F.
Deane, Rev. Kenneth M.
Dearing, Elon A.
Dearing, Emma
Dearing, Frances Black
Dearing, Gussie
Dearing, J. Frank
Dearing, J.W.
Dearing, John
Dearing, John E. (2)
Dearing, Joseph Wesley
Dearing, Martha J. (2)
Dearing, Mary
Dearing, Mary K.
Dearing, Nancy
Dearing, Virginia R.
Dearing, Wallace
Debo, Charles Warner
Debo, Eunice Blackburn
Debo, Georgia A.
Debo, Lena M.
Debo, Lyda D.
Debo, Nannie
Debo, Warner A.
Debo, William Alonzo
Debolt, Donald G.
Debolt, Martha Ray
Dechard, Julia
Deckerd, John Flavious
Deckerd, John W.
Deckerd, Matilda B.
DeHaven, Christina B.
DeHaven, Isaac Earl
DeHaven, Thomas I.
Deimeke, Betty A.
DeJarnatt, Allie
DeJarnatt, Estella
DeJarnatt, Harry W.
DeJarnatt, Henry W.
DeJarnatt, Johnie
DeJarnatt, Mary
DeJarnett, Annie A.
DeJarnett, Benjamin B.
Demetros, William G.
Dempsey, Vera M.
Denham, Mary Lou
Denser, Carrie Ringo
Denser, John S.
Denser, Mayme R.
Dent, Elizabeth
Dent, Dewitt T.
Dent, Ida M.
Dent, Lillian H.
Dent, Margaret Morgan
Dent, Philip A.
Denton, Ben C.
Denton, Bessie
Denton, James F.
Denton, Margaret
Deornellas, Homer Lee Jr.
Dermody monument
Dermody, Rita Barnes.
Dermody, Robert Neale
Dermody, Robert Virgil
DeVault, Effie Dye
DeVault, John Baker
DeVault, John Baker Jr.
Dews, Fannie A.
Dews, P. Roscoe
Dey, Jewell C.
Dey, Mildred W.
Dibble, Robert L.
Dickerson, Dan
Dickerson, Daniel Irving
Dickerson, Jenny
Dickerson, Virginia
Diehn, Pauline M.
Dietrich, Karl David
Dietrich, Ruth Ridgeway
Dill, Emily
Dill, James M.
Dillard monument
Dillard, Augustus
Dillard, Augustus F.
Dillard, Bud
Dillard, Byrd
Dillard, Clarice
Dillard, Creel S.
Dillard, Elizabeth Dukes
Dillard, Ellen W.
Dillard, Emma D.
Dillard, Ina Belle
Dillard, John W.
Dillard, Matilda Harris
Dillard, Ray E.
Dillard, Robert
Dillard, Sarah I.
Dilts, Carmen Marie
Dilts, Dorsey W.
Dilts, Larry Ray
Dilts, Pearl
Dimmitt, Mike
Dimmitt, Myrtle
Dingee, Mary
Dingle, Aunt Lucy
Dingle, C.D.
Dingle, C.B. & N.
Dingle, John G.
Dingle, Nancy C.
Dingle, Nannie C.
Dingle, Oscar Boulware
Dingle, Winder C.
Dingledine, Enola M.
Dingledine, Lewis
Dingman, Cloyd
Dingman, Rema L.
Dinwiddie, Emma
Dinwiddie, Henry
Dishman, Bessie C.

Edmonston, Stella D.
Edmonston, Stonewall J.
Edmonston, W.A.
Edmonston, Winfield J.
Edward, Luke R.
Edwards, Ellen E.
Edwards, Florene F.
Edwards, Harriet Lakenan
Edwards, Harvey Frank
Edwards, James L.
Edwards, Louisa T.
Edwards, Lucy S.
Edwards, Lulu Mae
Edwards, Mabel E.
Edwards, Margaret
Edwards, Mary Lee
Edwards, Moss M.
Edwards, R. Strode
Edwards, Richard
Edwards, S.M.
Edwards, Thelma M.
Edwards, William Cole
Egger, William
Ehlert, Elmer E.
Ehlert, Naomi A.
Eldridge, E.H.
Eldridge, J.A.
Eldridge, infant son
Eldried, Sallie Calendar
Ellen, Bettie
Eller, Abraham S.
Eller, Franklin Elias
Eller, Mary E.
Eller, Sallie b.
Eller, William
Eller, William S.
Ellington, Alice W.
Ellington, Herbert F.
Elliott, Alfred L. Jr.
Elliott, Benjamin
Elliott, Charlotte Cropper
Elliott, Dorothy E.
Elliott, G.T.
Elliott, Grace M.
Elliott, Jack
Elliott, Lindell
Elliott, Lucille

Fetter, Lutie May
Fetterhoff, Curtis C.
Fetterhoff, J. Glen
Fetterhoff, Nellie E.M.
Fetterhoff, Roy Carl
Fetterhoff, Ruth W.
Fetterhoff, Virginia M.
Feutz, Emil A.
Feutz, Lelah M. Brown
Feutz, Leonia
Feutz, Mary L.
Feutz, Wallace F. (2)
Ficklin, Thomas A.
Field, Addie L.
Field, Adolia
Field, Anna Elizabeth
Field, Curtis
Field, Hardin
Field, John H.
Field, John Harrison
Field, Lue A.
Field, Mary Jane
Field, Rosalie
Field, Roy
Field, Sue Ann
Field, Virginia
Field, William French
Fields, Emmett
Fields, J.T.
Fields, Margaret
Fields, S.L.
Fike, Etta M.
Fike, Jesse L.
Finley, Carrie Melton
Finley, Robert Harris Sr.
Finley, Samuel P.
Finley, Susan M.
Fish, Ann Rebecca
Fish, Elizabeth
Fish, Mary Emma
Fish, Nathaniel L.
Fisher, Anna
Fisher, Charles H.
Fisher, Charles O.
Fisher, Christine
Fisher, Cordie Rice
Fisher, Edythe F.
Fisher, Elizabeth Anderson
Fisher, Ernest R.
Fisher, Geo.
Fisher, George T.
Fisher, Hubert
Fisher, Isabell M.
Fisher, Laura Emma
Fisher, Lillie M.
Fisher, Martha Belle
Fisher, Porter F.
Fisher, S.M.
Fisher, Sarah H.
Fisher, Sue Matsie
Fisher, Xury
Fitzwater, Laura J.
Fitzwater, Lucinda
Fitzwater, Lucy A.
Fitzwater, William
Fleming, Carrie
Fleming, Florence
Fleming, Glenn
Fleming, Jerome B.
Fleming, Lucile S.
Fleming, Ratio E.
Fleming, infant dau.
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, Emma B.
Fletcher, Grace Armistead
Fletcher, J.W.
Fletcher, John F.
Fletcher, Nancy
Fletcher, Paul T.
Fletcher, Samuel
Flittner, B.E.F.
Flittner, C.W.F.
Flittner, Elizabeth
Flittner, Ina A.F.
Flittner, Morris R.
Flittner, Patricia F.
Flittner, Reva L.
Flittner, William E.F.
Flood, John
Floyd, Chester R.
Floyd, Effie M.
Floyd, John
Floyd, Juna C.
Floyd, Wm. C.
Foddy, Frances McCarty
Foley, Eugene C.
Foley, J.W.
Foley, M.A.
Foley, Wm. T.

Gentry, Bertha E.
Gentry, Cecil A.
Gentry, Cornelia
Gentry, Donald A.
Gentry, Dorothy A.
Gentry, Edna I.
Gentry, Ethel G.
Gentry, Ewell
Gentry, Frank O.
Gentry, Gibbs
Gentry, Goldie M.
Gibbs, Goldie M.
Gentry, Henry C.
Gentry, Howard W.
Gentry, James Level
Gentry, John L.
Gentry, Level
Gentry, Maggie A.
Gentry, Matilda A.
Gentry, Nettie
Gentry, P. Buford
Gentry, Robert L.
Gentry, Rosanna P.
Gentry, Rose Marie
Gentry, T.E.
George W. Johnson family
George, John
Gibbins, Agnes
Gibbins, Carrie
Gibbins, Eva
Gibbins, Jesse
Gibbins, Martin
Gibbs, Albert C.
Gibbs, Albert W.
Gibbs, Alva
Gibbs, Anderson B.
Gibbs, Andrew J.
Gibbs, Annie Bernice
Gibbs, Annie C.
Gibbs, Betty Crockett
Gibbs, Carolyn W.
Gibbs, Charles R.
Gibbs, Charlotte
Gibbs, Claiborn Renfro
Gibbs, David
Gibbs, Dr. Robert T.
Gibbs, E.A.
Gibbs, E. Arthur
Gibbs, E.J.
Gibbs, E.T. (2)
Gibbs, Edgar Jesse
Gibbs, Elizabeth Kenyon
Gibbs, Ella Jesse
Gibbs, Eva
Gibbs, Evaline Jesse
Gibbs, Fred
Gibbs, Frederick J.
Gibbs, Gladys E.
Gibbs, Idella K.
Gibbs, James T.
Gibbs, Jesse
Gibbs, Laura
Gibbs, Laura Boyes
Gibbs, Lena Mae
Gibbs, Loran F.
Gibbs, Lt. D.R.
Gibbs, Lula
Gibbs, Mae
Gibbs, Mamie G.
Gibbs, Mary Buckner
Gibbs, Minnie
Gibbs, Mrs. Cannie
Gibbs, Myra M.
Gibbs, Orpha Minerva
Gibbs, Ray
Gibbs, Rebecca
Gibbs, Rev. Edgar S.
Gibbs, Robert C. (2)
Gibbs, Robert Clark
Gibbs, Robt. O.
Gibbs, Samuel C.
Gibbs, William W.
Gibbs, Winnie
Gibler, Mary H.
Gibson, George R.
Gibson, James.
Gibson, Lizzie
Gibson, Rebecca B.
Gibson, Sally A.
Gibson, Thos. J.
Giesler, Emma Jean
Giesler, Frederick Herman
Gilbert, B.M
Gilbert, Bertha
Gilbert, E.J.
Gilbert, S.M.
Gilbert, William
Giles, Gilbert Eugene
Giles, Lillian B.
Giles, Mildred E.
Giles, Raymond Gilbert
Giles, Walter P.
Gill, Edward R.
Gill, Elizabeth
Gill, Mary Brooks
Gill, Thomas M.
Gillaspie, Clyde
Gillaspie, Ellen
Gillaspie, Iva
Gillaspie,. J.W.
Gillaspie, John
Gillaspie, Lola
Gillaspie, Ollie E.
Gilliam, Jesse L.
Gillispie, H.
Gillispie, L.A.
Gillispie, Willie O.
Gillon, Willie Mae
Gilman, Carl
Gilman, Grace S.
Gilmor, Nannie M.
Gilmore, L. Pauline
Gilmore, Robert E.
Gipson, Spud
Gipson, Woodrow W.
Givens, Dr. George
Givens, Mark M.
Givens, Mary M.
Glandon, Agnes
Glandon, China Miriam
Glandon, J.A.

Harrison, Emmett Pryor
Harrison, Flora
Harrison, Florence E.
Harrison, Gertrude
Harrison, Gertrude B.
Harrison, Homer G.
Harrison, J.A.
Harrison, J.M.
Harrison, James
Harrison, James E.
Harrison, James M.
Harrison, Joe Morris
Harrison, John F. Jr.
Harrison, John Toalson
Harrison, Lillian Violet
Harrison, Lizzie T.
Harrison, Luella L.
Harrison, Margaret J.
Harrison, Margaret M.
Harrison, Mary Crockett
Harrison, Mary E.
Harrison, Mary Gertrude
Harrison, Melinda M.
Harrison, Milton F.
Harrison, Nancy C.
Harrison, Nannie M.
Harrison, Nellie H.
Harrison, Olive Allen
Harrison, Robert W.
Harrison, Roger Lee
Harrison, Roy W.
Harrison, Sally
Harrison, Samuel
Harrison, Sarah E.
Harrison, T.J.
Harrison, Thos.
Harrison, Tom Ed
Harrison, Tom Ed Jr.
Harrison, Viola Pearl
Harrison, William B.
Harrison, William M.
Harrison, William T.
Hart, Carrie W.
Hart, Frances
Hart, Frank G.
Hart, Gary W.
Hart, John H.
Hartegan, David J.
Hartegan, James W.
Hartegan, Lola M.
Hartegan, Mary A.
Hartley, Benjamin
Hartley, Hannah Riley
Hartley, Leslie Carter
Hartley, Levi
Hartley, Sarah
Hartman, Annetta
Hartman, Mattie B.
Hartman, Sallie Kiser
Hartman, William
Harvey, Anna May
Harvey, Clarence T.
Harvey, Dora B.
Harvey, Edward
Harvey, Emma E.
Harvey, Helen
Harvey, Henrietta Leona
Harvey, Jesse E.
Harvey, Stephen D.
Harvey, Susie
Harvey, Telitha
Harvey, Wesley J.
Haskell, Arthur Dee
Haskell, G.M.
Haskell, J.M.
Haskell, Mary
Haskell, Mildred West
Haskell, Myrtle Stickley
Hassell, Corinne
Hassen, H.
Hassen, Hassen H.
Hassen, Said
Hassler, Dora A.
Hassler, Tyra B.
Hatch, Nola P.
Hatcher, George E.
Hatcher, J.K.J.
Hatcher, Rev. George
Hatcher, W. Victoria
Hatfield, Delia Lucille
Hatfield, Earl
Hatfield, Floyd Joseph Jr.
Hatfield, Glenn & Ruby
Hatfield, Glenn R. (2)
Hatfield, Gloria Joyce
Hatfield, John
Hatfield, Jordan
Hatfield, Kennette S.
Hatfield, Laura M.
Hatfield, Loren Earl
Hatfield, Maggie M.
Hatfield, Oscar Leon
Hatfield, Porter Danen
Hatfield, Ruby
Hatfield, Ruby Belle
Hatfield, Ryan
Hatfield, William F.
Hatfield, infant son (2)
Hathaway, Chas. B.
Hathaway, Isaac N.
Hathaway, Julia B.
Hathaway, Mary M.
Hawkins, Eliza Jane
Hawkins, J.O.
Hawthorn monument
Hawthorne, Lee Byrnes
Hawthorne, Mary Ricketts
Hayden, Enoch Calvert
Hayden, Flora D.
Hayden, Harold D.
Hayden, Lea Virginia
Haydon, Madaline Houston
Hayes, Charles H.
Hayes, Daisy
Hayes, Ethelyne P.
Hayes, Eugene
Hayes, Gladys
Hayes, James Richard
Hayes, James W.
Hayes, Pauline I.
Hayes, Thomas J.
Hayes, Walter P. Jr.
Haynie, P.N.
Hays, China Miriam
Hays, Edna mae
Hays, Waalter
Hayton, Arthur L.
Hayton, Virginia M.
Hazard, Charles B.
Hazard, Dollie M.
Hazard-Flora monument
Hazard, Joseph Frank
Hazelwood, Caroline
Hazelwood, Harry L.
Hazelwood, Sarah H.
Head, Charles G.
Head, Clara B.
Head, Elizabeth V.
Head, Ellen A. Moxley
Head, James G.
Head, Kermit Frank
Head, May H.
Head, Patricia Lynn
Head, Patrick Reid
Head, Ralph E.
Head, Stephen L.
Headington, Margaret B.
Headington, Rev. J.A.
Headlee, Henry C.
Headlee, S.L. & Ida
Hebel, John H.
Hebel, Louise
Hebel, Nora J.
Hebel, Orville E.
Heberer, Arthur H.
Heberer, Lucy E.
Heckler, Frank
Hedenkamp, Virginia Horton
Hedge, Charles H.
Hedges, Clay Harrison
Hedges, Lillian
Hedges, Ralph
Hedges, Roy
Hedges, W. & N.
Heidbreder, Gottlieb D.
Heidbreder, Marie U.
Heidbreder, Raymond V.
Heinlen, Charles D.
Heinlen, Dora A.
Heizer, Addie
Heizer, Anna M.
Heizer, Charlie C.
Heizer, Gladys Irene
Heizer, Harry C.
Heizer, L. Ada
Heizer, Lon
Heizer, Mary L.
Heizer, Robert
Heizer, William A.
Helfurt, Berdie
Helwig, Arthur W.
Helwig, Clara M.
Helwig, Elmer L.
Helwig, Henry L.
Helwig, John C.
Helwig, Mary S.
Helwig, Nadine
Henderson, Algia Mae
Handerson, Arlington
Henderson, Arthur T.
Henderson, Charles
Henderson, Ellen
Henderson, Frances B.
Henderson, George E.
Henderson, James H. Sr.
Henderson, Jewett
Henderson, June Lee
Henderson, Kathryn
Henderson, Margaret
Henderson. Margaret L.
Henderson, Mary
Henderson, Mary E.
Henderson, Roy Oakland
Henderson, Russell R.
Henderson, Ruth V.
Henderson, Sallie
Henderson, Stephanie
Hendren monument
Hendren, Florence Mason
Hendren, Florence W.M.
Hendren, John Herbert Jr.
Hendrix, Clelia M.
Hendrix, Edna L.
Hendrix, Elizabeth J.
Hendrix, Julia
Hendrix, Laura E.
Hendrix, Martha L.
Hendrix, Nettie T.

Ingram, Garrett
Ingram, James M.
Ingram, Martha
Ingram, Marvin R,
Ingram, Myrtle

Jesse, Carrie L.
Jesse, Clifton Thomas
Jesse, Dorothy
Jesse, Eld. James T.
Jesse, Eld. John Samuel
Jesse, Elder W.J.
Jesse, Elmer
Jesse, George
Jesse, I. B.
Jesse, Ida
Jesse, Ida Byrns
Jesse, Inez E.
Jesse, Irma F.
Jesse, Irwin
Jesse, Isaac
Jesse, James Royal
Jesse, Jane
Jesse, Jennie
Jesse, John P.
Jesse, John R.
Jesse, Joseph E.
Jesse, Laura B.
Jesse, Lucille
Jesse, Margaret Pearl
Jesse, Mary Ellen
Jesse, Mary Olah
Jesse, Maurice
Jesse, Minerva
Jesse, Minerva Read
Jesse, Roy B.
Jesse, Royal A.
Jesse, S.V.
Jesse, Sallie M.
Jesse, W.L.
Jesse, W. Vincent
Jesse, William C.
Jesse, William J.
Jesse, inf. dau.
Jinkens, Lawrence E.
Johnson, A.P.
Johnson, Addie Lee
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Amelia
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Arthur L.
Johnson, Auberdeen B.
Johnson, B.F.
Johnson, Ben C.
Johnson, Ben F.
Johnson, Benjamin M.
Johnson, Bennie
Johnson, Bertha
Johnson, Bessie L.
Johnson, Betty
Johnson, Beulah M.
Johnson, C.
Johnson, C. Hardin
Johnson, C.S. (2)
Johnson, Carrie Clifton
Johnson, Cecil
Johnson, Charles A.
Johnson, Charles M.
Johnson, Charles T.
Johnson, Chas.
Johnson, Chauncy M.
Johnson, Claudia Wilfley
Johnson, Clayborn
Johnson, Commodore F.
Johnson, E.
Johnson, E. L. Family
Johnson, Edna M.
Johnson, Elizabeth (2)
Johnson, Elmer P.
Johnson, Elva Ellese
Johnson, Emily
Johnson, Emily R.
Johnson, Emma (2)
Johnson, Emmett
Johnson, Ernest L.
Johnson, Esther Ham
Johnson, Ettie F,
Johnson, Evelyn Cooper
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, Fannie c.

A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K thru Z
Arnold, Ruby Marie
Arnold, Ruth E.
Arnold, Ruth Thomas
Arnold, Thomas J.
Arthur, Howard E.
Arthur, Mary Thomas
Asbury, Flossie
Asbury, Norman B.
Asbury, O.S.
Asbury, Wilda F.
Ash, Carrie Wright
Ashworth, Ivan
Ashworth, Mary J.
Ashworth, Matilda A.
Ashworth, Ruth Buckner
Ashworth, Zella
Aswegan, Harm
Aswegan, Lillie K.
Atchison, Anna M.
Atchison, Edgar
Atchison, Fannie
Atchison, Glen W.
Atchison, Harry
Atchison, Ida c.
Atchison, J.F.
Atchison, Jacob
Atchison, John W.
Atchison, Mary (2)
Atchison, Mary E.
Atchison, Nadine
Atchison, Roasealia F.
Atchison, Susie F.
Atchison, Virgil
Atchison, Wm. B.
Atkins, C.J.
Atkins, David Frank
Atkins, Eliza May
Atkins, Estil R.
Atkins, Jennie
Atkins, John S.
Atkins, Louis L.
Atkins, Luther J.
Atkins, Norma Lee
Atkins, Rosa Lee
Atkins, Sallie
Atkins, Sallie C.
Atkins, Thos. W.
Atkins, W.L.
Atkinson, Anna White
Atkinson, Clarence
Atkinson, Elizabeth
Atkinson, J.M.
Atkinson, J.W.
Atkinson, James T.
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Sadie B.
Atkinson, W.E
Austin, Lewis F.
Austin, Maud L.
Austin, Orville Davis
Avery, Kate Wilder
Ayers, Joe D.
Ayers, Marie H.
Azdell, Alma E.
Azdell, Andrew A.
Azdell, Andrew G.
Azdell, Berry
Azdell, Elizabeth M.
Azdell, J. Ed.
Azdell, Jennie A. (2)
Azdell, L.B.
Azdell, Lucile D.
Azdell, Maggie J. (2)
Azdell, Minnie B.
Azdell, Nannie
Azdell, Rugina A.
Azdell, Russell M.
Azdell, William C.

Brown, Iva Mae
Brown, J. Atchinson
Brown, J. Att
Brown, J. Forrest
Brown, J. Luke
Brown, James
Brown, James E.
Brown, James Earl
Brown, Janie H.
Brown, Jas. W.
Brown, Jesse A.
Brown, John
Brown, John Felix
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John I. Jr.
Brown, John I. Sr.
Brown, John Robert
Brown, John X.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph E.
Brown, Josephine
Brown, Laura P.
Brown, Lee E.
Brown, Lelah M.
Brown, Leonidas L.
Brown, Leta
Brown, Lizzie J.
Brown, Lonnie
Brown, Loulie P.
Brown, Lucy A.
Brown, Lucy B.
Brown, Lucy M. Worley
Brown, Marjorie A.
Brown, Marjorie L.
Brown, Martha (2)
Brown, Martha Jane
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary A.
Brown, Mary Duncan
Brown, Mary E.
Brown, Mary I.
Brown, Mary Vera
Brown, Mattie
Brown, Mattie R.
Brown, Myrtle A.
Brown, Nettie Marie
Brown, Nina B.
Brown, Oliver H.
Brown, Oretta Mildred
Briown, Pearl
Brown, Rastes
Brown, Richard
Brown, Robert Russell
Brown, Rose
Brown, Sallie G.
Brown, Sallie L. Sims
Brown, Sallie Lee
Brown, Sam T.
Brown, Samanthra A.
Brown, Samuel R.
Brown, Susan
Brown, Sylvester G.
Brown, Thos.
Brown, Vane Halbert
Brown, W.H.
Brown, Walter
Brown, William E.
Brown, William Forrest
Brown, William H.
Brown, Wm. C.
Brown, Zella B.
Brown, Zelta E.
Brown, Zerelda Ellen
Browney, D.R.
Browning, E. Reid
Browning, Elmore V.
Browning, George F.
Browning, Mary
Browning, Mildred L.
Browning, Reid Sr.
Browning, Wardy E.
Bruce, Catherine Ann
Bruce, Clabe L.
Bruce, Effie L.
Bruce, Helen C.
Bruce, John
Bruce, Mary A.
Bruce, Mary B.
Bruce, Richard A.
Bruce, Thomas R.
Bruce, child
Bruen, Floy Dunham
Brundege, Betty G.
Brundege, N. Herman
Bryan, Anna B.
Bryan, Annie Lewis
Bryan, Edna Dawn
Bryan, Frances M.
Bryan, Henry
Bryan, Jess Edward (2)
Bryan, Joseph W.
Bryan, Julia A.
Bryan, Kenneth
Bryan, Margaret
Bryan, Missouri Fenley
Bryan, Roland T.
Bryan, Theodore
Bryarly, Alver
Bryarly, Annie
Bryarly, Bertha
Bryarly, Harry W.
Bryarly, Jane
Bryarly, Jno. W.
Bryarly, W.L.
Buck, Cassandra
Buck, Latitia H.
Buck, Mollie
Buck, W.A.
Buckler, Phoebia
Buckles, Joel C.
Buckley, Burney Holt
Buckley, Cora Lee
Buckley, Drucy
Buckley, James Purn
Buckley, Walter Ovid
Bucklin, Sarah
Buckner monument
Buckner, Ada Adams
Buckner, Andrew J.
Buckner, Aylett Hawes
Buckner, Catherine
Buckner, Charles A.
Buckner, Eliza L.
Buckner, Ella Maddox
Buckner, Emilie H.
Buckner, Estelle
Buckner, J.T.
Buckner, Jacob Maddox
Buckner, James C.
Buckner, Jennie P.
Buckner, John Tate
Buckner, Margaret (2)
Buckner, Margaret Cave
Buckner, Mary Virginia
Buckner, Mayme
Buckner, R.R.
Buckner, Wm. R.
Buffington, Dean M.
Buffington, Elizabeth M.
Buffington, James W.
Buffington, La Reta L.
Buffington, Linda C.
Buffington, Richard
Buffington, Warren W.
Buffington, Warren William
Bull, Nellie Debo
Bulson, Erma
Bulson, Joe Eddie
Bulson, John Stanley
Bulson, Larry
Bulson, Larry Dewayne Jr.
Bulson, Merrill E.
Bulson, Merrill E. Jr.
Bulson, Merrill E. Sr.
Bulson, Sandra
Bunch, John
Bunch, Laura M.
Bunch, Pleasant
Bunch, Winnie Ayers
Burchfield, Charles E.
Burchfield, Charles Edward
Burchfield, Cheryl
Burchfield, Inez R.
Burchfield, Jacqueline L.
Burchfield, James Marvin
Burchfield, John M.
Burchfield, Leigh
Burchfield, Ssusan
Burdett, J. Edwin
Burdett, Myrtle M.
Burdette, Mary
Burdick, Harry C.
Burgess, Albert
Burgess, Garrett D.
Burgess, George W.
Burgess, John
Burgess, Louisa C.
Burgess, Mattie Farrell
Burgess, Maud A.E.
Burgess, Thomas F.
Burgett, William
Burgonia, Belle D.
Burkett, Anna O.
Burkett, Charity
Burkett, Eddie
Burkett, Eddie L.
Burkett, Ethel
Burkett, H.J.
Burkett, Henry J.
Burkett, Joseph E.
Burkett, Paul
Burks, Elizabeth
Burks, Frances E.
Burks, Ira
Burks, William G.
Burks, infant son
Burnet, Isaac G.
Burnet, Rebecca B.
Burns, Elias P.
Burns, Lovina A.
Burris, Donna kay
Burroughs, Daniel S.
Burroughs, Fannie B.
Bursch, Christiana
Burt, Maggie C.
Burton, Ace
Burton, Alberta Dent
Burton, Austin Lee
Burton, Avra A.
Burton, Julia Ann
Bush, Bishop Marvin
Bush, Blanche Baskett
Bush, C.F.
Bush, Delpha
Bush, Docia
Bush, Fannie
Bush, Frances S. Hamilton
Bush, Ida Lee
Bush, Laura Bishop
Bush, Marcie
Bush, Minerva
Bush, S.R.
Bush, Shannon R.
Bush, Will Douglas
Buskirk, Irene Van
Butler, B.F.
Butler, D.W.
Butler, Eliza E.
Butler, Julia
Butler, Maggie Ruth
Butler, Viola F.
Button, Maude Lee
Button, Sylvester E.
Byars, Bruce A.
Byars, Eileen C.
Byars, Elizabeth M.
Byars, Eva M.
Byars, George R.
Byars, Iley S.
Byars, James E.
Byars, John w.
Byars, Lonnie F.
Byars, M. Naoma
Byars, Sarah Josephine
Byars, William Edward
Bybee, A.R.
Bybee, Anna E.
Bybee, Barbara
Bybee, Bob
Bybee, Cecil R.
Bybee, Cora B.
Bybee, Curtis
Bybee, Ellen
Bybee, Emma
Bybee, Florence R.
Bybee, Jewell A.
Bybee, John S.
Bybee, Johnnie Edmond
Bybee, Kelly Eugene
Bybee, Leslie
Bybee, Logan
Bybee, Mary Jane
Bybee, Rose E.
Bybee, Ruth
Bybee, Thomas J.
Bybee, Walter Edmond
Byrd, Dollie May
Byrd, Oneta P.
Byrd, William E.
Byrns, Emma Coldwell
Byrns, Frederick W.
Byrns, Ida (2)
Byrns, Jeanetta
Byrns, John H.
Byrns, Kathryn Miller
Byrns, Martha M.
Byrns, Robert W.
Byrns, Rufus William
Byrns, Samuel D.
Byrns, Sarah M.
Byrns, Virginia
Byrns, Walker Y.
Byrns, Wm. G.
Byrns, Yeaman

Crabtree, Ruth Lavern
Craddock, Alma George
Craddock, Ann E.
Craddock, Dr. Frank B.
Craddock, Humphrey R.
Craddock, Julia Ricketts
Craddock, Laura C. Halley
Craddock, Mary Wilcox
Craddock, Richard
Craddock, Ruth
Craddock, Samuel A.
Craddock, W. Lee
Craft, Lillie Mae
Craft, Ronald Gene
Craig, Bell
Craig, Charles C.
Craig, Clark
Craig, Clyde
Craig, Edward H.
Craig, Emma S.
Craig, Fritz H.
Craig, J.M.
Craig, Katie
Craig, Landon D.
Craig, Lester H.
Craig, M.E.
Craig, Mamie B.
Craig, Nancy
Craig, Sammie
Craig, Samuel S.
Crane, Sheree D.
Crawford, A.B.
Crawford, Alley
Crawford, Anne May
Crawford, Beatrice
Crawford, Bessie
Crawford, Burr T.
Crawford, Calla D.
Crawford, Dr. Joshua Hobbs
Crawford, Dr. Mark E.
Crawford, Edna B.
Crawford, Elizabeth
Crawford, Elizabeth Hobbs
Crawford, Ephraim
Crawford, Etta
Crawford, Flora
Crawford, Flora A.
Crawford, Francis May
Crawford, Frank Hill
Crawford, Gertrude Marie
Crawford, James A.
Crawford, James A. Jr.
Crawford, Joella
Crawford, Johnnie
Crawford, Joshua C.
Crawford, Maggie
Crawford, Marion F.
Crawford, Mary Browning
Crawford, Mary E.
Crawford, Mary Elizabeth
Crawford, Norman N.
Crawford, Robert L.
Crawford, Russell A.
Crawford, Susanna
Crawford, Thomas W.
Crawford, Walter Lewis
Crawford, William L.
Crawley, William
Creasey, A. Russell
Creasey, J.W.
Creasey, Mary
Creasey, Mason M.
Creasey, Priscilla
Creasey, Priscilla S.
Creasey, Rena E.
Creasey, Rosa M.
Creasey, Rosemary
Creasey, Rosemary Roy
Creasey, Roy
Creasey, William J.
Creed, Austin Beckley
Crews, A. Clay
Crews, America P.
Crews, Beulah
Crews, Cannie
Crews, Carey D.
Crews, Clarence R.
Crews, Della M.
Crews, Doc
Crews, Duane
Crews, Elizabeth C.
Crews, Ethel
Crews, Eunice
Crews, Herndon
Crews, John T.
Crews, Leland
Crews, Leslie
Crews, Martha
Crews, Martha C.
Crews, Mary Belle
Crews, Nellie P.
Crews, Rebecca S.
Crews, Robert
Crews, Robert A.
Crews, Rothwell
Crews, Ruby W.
Crews, Sarah Lena
Crews, Sue A.
Crews, Wm. Henry
Crigler, Bertie
Crigler, Eva L.
Crigler, J.W.
Crigler, Sa’ Frances
Criswell, Edna May
Criswell, Luther W.
Crockett, Alice R.
Crockett, Betty
Crockett, Charlie H.
Crockett, Helen E.
Crockett, J. Cad
Crockett, J.H.
Crockett, James H.
Crockett, Jennie B.
Crockett, Lela Marie
Crockett, Lillian H.
Crockett, M. Sophie
Crockett, Marion A.
Crockett, Martha F.
Crockett, Mary
Crockett, Mattie L.
Crockett, Richard P.
Crockett, Willard F.
Crockett, William E.
Crooks, John Logan
Cropper, Charlotte A.
Cropper, Jesse B.
Cropper, Sarah E.
Cropper, Thomas A.
Crosier, Ernest L.
Croson, Geneva
Cross, Richard E.
Cross, Shirley M.
Crosswhite, G.W.
Crosswhite, Hulda
Crowley, Betty Claire
Crowley-Snook monument
Crum, A. Jack
Crum, Fay N.
Crum, Floy L. Zoeller
Crum, Jennie Mae
Crum, John Harold
Crum, Mickie
Crump, Phillip & Deborah
Crump, baby son
Crutcher, Walter
Cudworth, E.B.
Cudworth, George
Cudworth, Mary C.
Cullers, Barbara Kathryn
Cullers, John Calvin
Cullop, Bessie A.
Cullop, Eulah B.
Cullop, Helen L.
Cullop, Howard E.
Cullop, James B.
Cullop, Paul R.
Cullop, Thelma W.
Cullop, Zelma M.
Cumberland, Hannah
Cumberland, James G.
Cumberland, Kiser
Cunningham, Allie Earle
Cunningham, Ada Ruth
Cunningham, Amanda J.
Cunningham, Anne Cassidy
Cunningham, C.
Cunningham, Clara
Cunningham, Cynthia
Cunningham, E.P. (2)
Cunningham, Earl C.
Cunningham, Edyth Earle
Cunningham, Elmer
Cunningham, Emmett
Cunningham, Julia
Cunningham, Lula C.
Cunningham, Mec Harrison
Cunningham, Minnie Frost
Cunningham, Russell J.
Cunningham, Samuel H.
Curry, A. Laveta
Curry, Harold W.
Curry, Jerry
Curry, Margery M.
Curry, Mary Ellen
Curry, Thomas
Curry, Tisdale E.
Curtis, Bud
Curtis, Lena
Curtis, Richard M.
Curtis, Walter S.

Druger, Florence J.
Druger, Joey
Druger, Pattie Jane
Druger, Tuffy
Druger, Wallace T.
Druger, Wllbert I.
Dry, C.C.
Dry, John W.
Dry, Margaret Sappington
Dry, Nannie
Duchesne, Joseph
Duchesne, Thiena May
Duchesne, Virgie
Duchesne, Warren I.
Duckworth, Matthew
Duckworth, Virginia L.
Dudgeon, Lillian Gray
Dudley monument
Dudley, Ada R.
Dudley, Clifford J.
Dudley, Daniel D.
Dudley, Emma F.
Dudley, Joseph E.
Dudley, Kate P.
Dudley, Lilborn
Dudley, Lucy Crockett
Dudley, Mary E.
Dudley, Nona B.
Dudley, Otto Wise
Dudley, Pearl L.
Dudley, Ruby J.
Dudley, Ruth
Dudley, Tommy B.
Dudley, William Russell
Duffen and Pledge
Duffen, Anna F.
Duffen, Henry
Duffen, Josie Alyce
Duffen, Ralph T.
Duley, Richard S.
Duley, Thurston E.
Dunavant, Mamie
Dunavant, Thomas
Dunbar, Dr. G.H.
Dunbar, Lizzie
Dunbar, Mary Elizabeth
Dunbar, Mrs. R.S.
Dunbar, R.D.
Duncan, Alma
Duncan, Frances
Duncan, George
Duncan, Henry
Duncan, Ian Jameson
Duncan, Jerome B.
Duncan, John K.
Duncan, Marsha Rae
Duncan, Mary B.
Duncan, Mary Elizabeth
Duncan, Mary S.
Duncan, Merritt Y.
Duncan, Pearl L.
Duncan, S. Lee
Duncan, T.B.
Duncan, Walter C.
Dunham, Allie
Dunham, Edward
Dunham, Floy
Dunham, Russell E. Jr.
Dunham, Russell E. Sr.
Dunlap, Anna
Dunlap, Charles Preston
Dunlap, Jane
Dunlap, John r.
Dunlap, Maggie L.
Dunlap, Mary
Dunlap, Mary L.
Dunn, Charlie A.
Dunn, Cloyd Verne
Dunn, Daisy
Dunn, Maggie
Dunn, Mary
Dunn, Ollie
Dunn, Paul Melvin
Dunn, Sallie A.
Duong Ky Tuan
Durbin, Ruth Coil
Durham, Alfred R.
Durham, Alice Daniels
Durham, Alpha Leeland
Durham, Denver Carlee
Durham, Francis O.
Durham, G.W.
Durham, Helen J.
Durham, Ruth
Durham, Virginia B.
Durkee, Elizabeth
Durkee, James Edward
Durkee, Jennie French
Durkee, Virginia French
Duty, Addie Ferguson
Duty, Blossom May
Duty, Flossie Gay
Duty, John V.
Duty, Lula Ann
Duty, Pearl L.
Duty, Rollie V.
Duty, Sarah
Duty, Sarah Amanda
Duty, Thomas
Duty, Willis C.
Duvall, Espy Gene
Duvall, Lester Harry
Dye, Beuford W.
Dye, Edith H.
Dye, Eldon
Dye, Eugene
Dye, Lucinda
Dye, Mildred V.
Dye, Russell S.
Dye, Talley B.
Dyer, Amanda M.
Dyer, George S.
Dyer, Isaac P.
Dyer, Josephine
Dyke, John M.
Dyke, Minerva Kelly
Dyke, Sam J.
Dyson, Lucy T.
Dyson, W.T.

Ernst, E.B.
Ernst, Henry E.
Ernest, James Wayman
Ernst, Leroy Henry
Ernst, Sarah E.
Ervin, Gladys Watts
Ervin, William F.
Ervine, Samuel J.
Estes, Blaine Ray
Estes, C. Earl Sr.
Estes, Cam
Estes, M. Elizabeth
Estes, Robert Ray
Eubanks, Alvena G.
Eubanks, Carrie
Eubanks, Josephus
Eubanks, Lucretia
Eubanks, Stanley C.
Evans, Archie C.
Evans, Arvella K.
Evans, Charlotte E.
Evans, E.M.
Evans, Ellsworth
Evans, Eva Winnie
Evans, Evan
Evans, Harry Delano
Evans, J. Lloyd
Evans, James L.
Evans, Lottie
Evans, Luther Oddis
Evans, Mary G.
Evans, Minnie
Evans, Nora E.
Evans, Oley Ocle
Evans, Roy
Evans, Samuel N.
Evans, Velma
Evans, Winston
Everett, Alfred Joyce
Everett, M. & M.L.
Everett, Warren
Ewing, Mary A.
Ewing, W.R.
Exford, Lawrence Jr.
Exford, Lawrence Sr.
Exford, Robert G.

Fox, Walter
Fox, Infant dau.
Frakes, Blanche L.
Franklin, Josephine Day
Franks, Mildred
Frakes, Vardiman P.
Frazer, Catherine N.
Frazer, Wm.
Frazier, Aurelia
Frazier, Charles
Fred, Alice
Fred, John
Freeman, Allie J.
Freeman, Charlie
Freeman, Gertrude
Freeman, Harold S.
Freeman, Jessie
Freeman, Lena B.
Freeman, Margaret E.
Freeman, Mayme L.
Freeman, Peter
Freeman, Richard E.
Freeman, Richard Lee
Freeman, Roger W.
Freeman, Rose E.
Freeman, W.B.
Frembes, Dr. Florence
French, Deborah Elizabeth
French, E. Thomas
French, Edward P.
French, Edward Pinkney
French, Eliza Hill
French, Ellizabeth E.
French, Emma R.
French, Florence Luckie
French, H.P.
French, Hal
French, Henry C.
French, Isaac C.
French, Larry
French, Leta
French, Louise Hatchett
French, Lucy A.
French, Margaret
French, Mary Jane
French, Melinda M.
French, Mildred R.
French, Minnie
French, Mollie R.
French, Ola Leota
French, Pinckney
French, Richard Clark
French, Robert E.
French, Robert Eugene
French, Sallie Potts
French, Thomas H.
French, Vesta L.
French, Virginia
French, W.H.
French, William L.
Fricina, Flora A.
Fricina, Phillip P.
Fricke, John D.
Fricke, Virginia S.
Friganza, Edith Gary
Friganza, Willis T.
Frisbie, Amanda L.
Frisbie, Claud L.
Frisbie, Gary W.
Fritschie, Edith M.
Fritschie, Frederick R.
Fritts, Elizabeth
Fritts, Mary
Fritz, John R.
Frosch, Betty Stanton
Frosch, Leo Elmer
Frosch, Lewis F.
Frost, Edgar S.
Frost, Martha S.
Frost, Minnie
Frost, William F.
Frost, William P.
Fry, Annette Bourn
Fry, Carrie B.
Fry, Charles
Fry, Johnnie
Fry, Richard Bourn
Fry, William W. Sr.
Fugett, Bertie
Fuhr, Augusta
Fuhr, Frederick
Fuhrer, Minnie Engel
Fuhrer, William H.
Fuller, Charles Marion
Fuller, Charley
Fuller, Emma
Fullington, A.L.
Funk, Kenneth

Green, Darlene
Green, Ebenezer M.
Green, Edgar
Green, Elizabeth Shaw
Green, Ella R.
Green, Emma W.
Green, George W.
Green, Harriett Paula
Green, Jessie C.
Green, Jiles
Green, Keith Alan
Green, Laura
Green, Marcena S.
Green, Paul Riggs
Green, Phillip Ray
Green, R. Hampton
Green, Rudolph
Green, Thalma M.
Green, William
Green, infant son
Greenamyer, Joseph
Greenamyer, W.H.
Greenamyer, Wilmia
Greenburg, Fred M.
Greenburg, Tina M.
Greene, J.R. (2)
Greene, Lucy J.
Greenwade, Ann
Greenwade, Matilda
Greer, Bennetta D.
Greer, Byron Hale
Greer, Cosby Hale
Greer, Edwin H.
Greer, Emma Jane
Greer, Grace Marie
Greer, Isaac Morgan
Greer, Jefferson D.
Greer, Nannie Azdell
Greer, Sarah J.
Gregg, Linda Ford
Gregory, Curren B.
Gregory, Edward Lee
Gregory, Florence V.
Gregory, Hazel
Gregory, Isabel
Gregory, Joe A.
Gregory, John B.
Gregory, Lillian
Gregory, Martha
Gregory, Ray F.
Gregory, W.S.
Gregory, Walter L.
Greuey, Elmer L.
Grier, Billie D.
Grier, Henry Alexander
Grier, Lula M.
Grier, Lula Wilmouth
Griffee, Addie F.
Griffee, James F.
Griffin, Brooksie Eileen
Griffin, Corinne C.
Griffin, Delores Jean
Griffin, Dr. Fred
Griffin, Fred S.
Griffin, Grace
Griffin, John
Griffin, Laura B.
Griffin, Marie F.
Griffin, Ralph Oscar
Griffin, Russell T.
Griffin, Sinnie
Griffin, William L.
Griffith, Cynthia A.
Griffith, Earl A.
Griffith, Lizzie
Griffith, Marie Myers
Griffith, Nannie E.
Griffith, Rose Ellen
Griswold, C.E.
Griswold, Carrie
Griswold, J.D.
Griswold, Laura E.
Groves, Alvernia A.G.
Groves, Clifton C.
Groves, Eliza
Groves, Emma C.
Groves, Harold W.
Groves, Helen B.
Groves, J.A.
Groves, Lillian Eller
Groves, Mary B.
Groves, S.
Groves, Saml.
Groves, Samuel
Groves, Samuel Cook
Groves, Sarah Hopkins
Groves, Wm.
Groves, Infant
Groves, infant dau.
Gruen, Eleanor Stanley
Guilbert, Hilda Harrison
Guilford, Thomas S.
Gurwell, David A.
Gurwell, John Allen
Gurwell, Mary J.
Gurwell, Mary Luen
Guthrie, Alice M.
Guthrie, Anna C.
Guthrie, Anna J.
Guthrie, Bettie
Guthrie, Caleb
Guthrie, Carrie A. Hall
Guthrie, Ella Forrist
Guthrie, Frances
Guthrie, George Dillard
Guthrie, Georgia
Guthrie, Ira
Guthrie, Joel F.
Guthrie, John A.
Guthrie, Luther
Guthrie, M. Butler
Guthrie, Martha Moxley
Guthrie, Mattie
Guthrie, Merrill
Guthrie, Nina L.
Guthrie, Rachel
Guthrie, Sterling Price
Guthrie, Wm. Forrist
Guy, Alma Calhoon
Guy, Ovid Fish

Hord, Leonard
Hord, Leonard G.
Hord, Lulu
Hord, Maj. E.L.
Hord, Mary D.
Hord, Mary Gorham
Hord, Pat Gantt
Hord, Percy Fant
Horton, Cecil G.
Horton, Ethel E.
Horton, Helen M.
Horton, Henrietta McGhee
Horton, John Elmore
Horton, John Y.
Horton, Madison Faught
Horton, Nell H.
Horton, Nell Shipp
Horton, William J. (2)
Hoss, W. Dewey
Hostetter, Oma Baysinger
Hostetter, Pink Douglass
Houchins, Glenn D.
Houchins, Mary M.
Hougland, Allan C.
Hougland, Wm. H.
Houk, Emory S.
Houk, Grace C.
House, Zella
Householder, America R.
Householder, Annie Brown
Householder, C.
Householder, Charlie
Hoiuseholder, Chas.
Householder, Harry
Householder, Mabel Stuart
Householder, Maude
Householder, Milton
Householder, Winnie E.
Houston, Algernon Sidney
Houston, Amy
Houston, Charles Buckner.
Houston, Decima
Houston, Esther
Houston, Frank F.B.
Houston, Frederich D.
Houston, Maria Frances
Houston, Mary Virginia
Houston, May Margt.
Houston, Sallie Buckner
Houston, Sid
Houston, Tine C.
Houston, William
Houston, William May
Howard, Eliza Grant
Howard, Elva M.
Howard, Frank L.
Howard, John W.
Howard, L. Gertrude
Howard, Lennie Lee
Howard, Lida
Howard, Mary W.
Howard, Mattie Lou
Howard, Otto E.
Howard, Reuben E.
Howard, Rufus A.
Howard, Viola
Howard, William A. Jr.
Howard, William A. Sr.
Howd, Lois E.
Howd, Ralph W.
Howe, Faye Elleanor
Howe, Geo.
Howe, Hallie E.
Howe, Harriet
Howe, Irma Barnes
Howe, James
Howe, Lottie Ralph
Howe, McCabe
Howe, Thomas K.
Howell, Garrard
Howell, Hattie Wagner
Howell, Helen H.
Howell, Jennie
Howell, John Warren
Howell, Lucile
Howell, Nannie Garrard
Howerton, Alice J.
Howerton, Alma E.
Howerton, Claud Nubbs,
Howerton, Elmo T.
Howerton, Ida Harvey
Howerton, Katheryn E.
Howerton, Robert Jr.
Howerton, Robert L.
Howerton, Tony
Howerton, Troy
Hoxsey, AnnLee Brown
Hoxsey, Frances B. Kile
Hoxsey, Lyla
Hoxsey, T.J.
Hubbard, Barton Sr.
Hubbard, Belle
Hubbard, Isabel
Hubbard, Julia W.
Hubbard, Madge Emily
Hubbard, Sarah J.
Hubbard, Terrance
Hubble, Albert
Hubble, David
Hubble, Harriet
Hubert, Charles A.
Hubert, Lena W.
Hubert, Nellie M.
Hubert, Otto H.
Hubert, William C.
Hucker, Ida May
Hucker, John H.
Hucker, Paul H.
Huddleston, Evelyn R.
Huddleston, Minnie G.
Hudlin, Mary
Hudnall, Murtie
Hudnall, Robert C.
Hudson, Blonda A.
Hudson, Clarence E.
Hudson, Clarence L.
Hudson, Ddouglas D.
Hudson, Elvadia I.
Hudson, May B.
Huenefeld, Emma M.
Huenefeld, Oscar W.
Hueston, Beverly S.
Hueston, Bobby Melvin
Hueston, Ralph
Hueston, Ralph L.
Hueston, Velma A.
Huff, Edna
Huff, Harold
Huff, James
Huffman, Grace
Huffstetler, Sherill T.
Hughes, Carl
Hughes, Ethel May
Hughes, Etta May
Hughes, Huston E.
Hughes, J. Wesley
Hughes, Lydia E.
Hughes, Ova Ann
Hughes, Robert E.
Hughes, Robert L.
Hughes, Rollie
Hughes, Thomas
Hughes, Vernie E.
Hughes, Walker L.
Hulen, Alfred W.
Hulen, Blanche
Hulen, C.R. & J.E.
Hulen, Charles R.
Hulen, Cora Lou
Hulen, E. Kennan
Hulen, Edith
Hulen, Evelyn
Hulen, H. Libbie
Hulen, Joseph Phillip
Hulen, Margarette
Hulen, Norine W.
Hulen, Sadie
Hulen, Sterling P.
Hulen, infant dau.
Hull, Edna
Hull, Elizabeth Strain
Hull, George M.
Hull, Jack
Hull, Jennie
Hull, John
Hull, Lela May
Humphrey, George J.
Humphrey, Leovicy
Humphries, Clarence A.
Humphries, John
Humphries, John B.
Humphries, Martha V.
Hunt, Arlie L.
Hunt, Dick
Hunt, Elsie P.
Hunt, Ercel B.
Hunt, Ethel M.
Hunt, Foncile R.
Hunt, Gerald L.
Hunt, Gloria
Hunt, John M.
Hunt, Katherine D.
Hunt, Leora Mae
Hunt, Luke
Hunt, Lydia
Hunt, Norma
Hunt, Roger W.
Hunt, Viola E.
Hunter, Carrie E.
Hunter, Carrie Petty
Hunter, Dr. J.M.
Hunter, E.C.
Hunter, Harvey Dennis
Hunter, Rachell Ann
Hunter, W.A.
Hurd, Sarah E.
Hurd, Wm. S.
Hutchen, Erma Lee
Hutchen, John
Hutchen, Marcus
Hutchen, Rev. Frank
Hutchen, Willie Ann
Hutchens, Charles O.
Hutchens, Essie Lee
Hutchens, Rose Etta
Hutcherson, James A.
Hutcherson, Joe Jr.
Hutcherson, John M.
Hutcherson, Laura B.
Hutcherson, Lonnie J.
Hutcherson, Martha Alice
Hutcherson, R.J.
Hutcherson, Ralph J.
Hutchinson, Bill
Hutchison, Nodra
Hutt, Ellen
Hutts, James T.
Hutts, Luvinia B.

Isgrig, Eva H.
Isgrig, Florence F.
Isgrig, John W.
Isgrig, Ralph A.
Isgrig, Raymond F.

Jolly, John B.
Jolly, Louisa W.
Jolly, Richard A.
Jolly, Robert G.
Jolly, Shirley F.
Jones, Abbie
Jones, Annie Haydon
Jones, Caral A.
Jones, Charles H.
Jones, Clifford Wayne
Jones, Clyde F.
Jones, Clyde Warren
Jones, Edwin Murray
Jones, Ella M.
Jones, Ella Maude
Jones, Emma Lee
Jones, Emma S.
Jones, Ethel
Jones, Ethel Mae
Jones, Eugene
Jones, Eva K.
Jones, Florence (2)
Jones, George
Jones, Grace L.
Jones, Grace M.
Jones, Harry Hall
Jones, Henry B.
Jones, Irene
Jones, J.S. (2)
Jones, Janet Doreen
Jones, Janice M.
Jones, Jerry R.
Jones, Jessie
Jones, John F.
Jones, John Homer
Jones, Leslie
Jones, Levi W.
Jones, Luther A.
Jones, M.E.
Jones, M. Lannes
Jones, Margaret V.
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mary E. Turley
Jones, Merlin R.
Jones, Nancy Jane
Jones, Nannie
Jones, Nannie V.
Jones, Nellie M.
Jones, Nona M.
Jones, Rebecka
Jones, Robert Wesley
Jones, Rosa A.
Jones, Russell F.
Jones, Ruth Haley
Jones, Sam P.
Jones, Sarah E.
Jones, Sidena K.
Jones, Theodore
Jones, Victoria
Jones, W.F.
Jones, Walter.
Jones, William A.
Jones, William A. Jr.
Jones, William B.
Jones, Willie B.
Jones, Woodrow
Jones, infant son
Jordan, Billie Jean
Jordan, Donna F.
Jordan, Gretrude Fry
Judd, Sarah Waters
Judd, William A.
Judd, William M.
Judy, Elizabeth
Judy, John
Judy, John A.
Juelfs, Christian
Juelfs, Lillie V. Wolferd
Jung, Birtie
Jung, Bobby L.
Jung, Dorothy
Jung, Henry Elgin
Jung, Ralph
Jung, Sharon M.

Anderson, George W. Sr.
Anderson, Grace Collins
Anderson, Harvey L.
Anderson, John
Anderson, John M.
Anderson, Lucille M.
Anderson, Mable B.
Anderson, Marjorie Haid
Anderson, Mary E.
Anderson, Robert L.
Anderson, Stacy
Anderson, Thomas E.
Anderson, William Ray
Anderson, baby boy
Anderson, baby girl
Andrews, Betty
Andrews, Mariah Theresa
Angell, Donna Brown
Angell, James B. III
Angell, James B. Jr.
Angell, Mildred L.
Angevine, Harriet
Ankrom, George H.
Anthony, Bessie M.
Anthony, Thomas J.
Apgar, Sam P.
Applebee, Bobby Joe
Applebee, Harry T.
Applebee, Harry Thomas
Applebee, Henry R.
Applebee, Jacquelyn A.
Applebee, John T.
Applebee, Maggie
Applebee, Mattie M.
Applebee, Violet Louise
Applebee, William A.
Applebee, William E.
Archer, James R.
Archer, Mae M.
Archer, Wm. P.
Argo, Nannie Bell
Armistead, Annie C.
Armistead, Arlene E.
Armistead, Eleanor
Armistead, Francis W.
Armistead, Frank
Armistead, Grace
Armistead, John B.
Armistead, Joseph C.
Armistead, Mary Josephine
Armistead, Meredith
Armistead, Sappho
Armstrong, Bula
Armstrong, Chas.
Armstrong, D.D.
Armstrong, F.E.
Armstrong, Frank F.
Armstrong, James B.
Armstrong, Mary C.
Armstrong, R.H.
Armstrong, Sara H.
Armstrong, Sarah Louise
Arnold, Anna Spence
Arnold, Charles R.
Arnold, Clifford E.
Arnold, Eliza Othelia
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Emit S.
Arnold, Eula D.
Arnold, Hattie Northern
Arnold, Ida M.
Arnold, J.W.
Arnold, James Judson
Arnold, Joseph Freeland
Arnold, M. Reid
Arnold, Maude M.
Arnold, Memie C.
Arnold, Miriam
Arnold, R.R. Jr.
Arnold, Robert R. Jr.
Arnold, Robert Russell

Bolen, Mabel
Bomar, Alex J.J.D.
Bomar, D. Cook
Bomar, Joseph L.
Bomar, Lena F.
Bomar, Mary Virginia
Bomar, Nancy B.
Bomar, Nellie Lee
Bomar, Nellie W.
Bomar, Virginia Mae
Bomar, William Joseph
Bond, Annie
Bond, Vinita Ellen
Bonewits, Harry Barnes
Bonewits, Marguerite T.
Bonnell, Ella Marie
Bonnell, Thomas B.
Bonney, Claude A.
Bonney, Courtney Megan
Bonney, Eugene R.
Bonney, Jesse D.
Bonney, John A.
Bonney, Laura
Bonney, Lydia H.
Bonney, Mike
Bonney, Opal
Bonney, Virginia P.
Bonney, Zella L.
Bonsall, Carol Marie
Boomer, Anna
Boomer, George
Booth, Elbert Harrison
Booth, Erna Leta Donohew
Bosley, J.T.
Botkin, Jennie M.
Botkin, Joseph B.
Botts, A.T. (2)
Botts, J.E.
Botts, M.E.
Botts, Martha E.
Botts, Mary Miller
Botts, W.J.
Boulden, Alva L.
Boulden, Martha A.
Boulden, William
Boulware, Bette Bybee
Bourland, Allie V.
Bourn, Dr. Richard W.
Bourn, William D.
Bowen, Eld. Thomas
Bowen, Sylvester
Bowen, Teny
Bowling, Pearl
Bowling, Robert F.
Bowman, Olivia Potts
Bowman, Verdia
Boyd, Bessie Norman
Boyd, James E.
Boyd, James F.
Boyd, John Wm.
Boyd, Lucy J.
Boyd, Mary M.
Boyes, Laura B.
Braden, Fern
Braden, John R.
Braden, Roma A.
Bradford, Byron A.
Bradford, Cecil Byron
Bradford, Grace R.
Bradley, Alice Jean
Bradley, Annie Bragg
Bradley, Annie M.
Bradley, Charles M.
Bradley, Elder James
Bradley, Eugenia Mc.
Bradley, Florence A.
Bradley, Floyd
Bradley, J. Royal
Bradley, Joan G.
Bradley, Karen R.
Bradley, Lillie W.
Bradley, Martha E.
Bradley, Mary F.
Bradley, Mattie S.
Bradley, Nadine K.
Bradley, Nannie
Bradley, Priscilla M.
Bradley, Rhodes M.
Bradley, Richard S.
Bradley, Ruth E.
Bradley, Sarah
Bradley, T.A.
Bradley, W.T.
Bradley, William A.
Bradley, William R.
Bradley, Wit
Bradshaw, Tymond Lee
Bragg monument
Bragg, Laura
Bragg, Minter Kelly
Bramblett, Arlette
Bramblett, Maggie M.
Bramblett, Thomas J.
Branch, Edward
Branch, Freda J.
Branch, Glen L.
Branch, Hattie M.
Branch, Lucille Elizabeth
Branch, Virginia E.
Branch, W.R.
Branch, Willis Roscoe
Brand, Fred W.
Brand, Jacob
Brand, Louis E.
Brand, Louis P.
Brand, Sophia
Brandenburg, Herman
Brandenburg, Lena K.
Brandriff, Charles
Brandriff, Mary A.
Branham, Ddick
Branham, Leona
Branham, Octive V.
Branham, R.R.
Branstetter, Ivy
Branstetter, Martha Rachel
Brashear, Anna P..
Brashear, George W.
Brashear, Howard C.
Brashear, John
Brashear, Mr. & Mrs. J.T.
Brashear, Nancy
Bratton, Bessie W.
Bratton, Goldie Eugene
Bratton, Henry
Bratton, Jennie
Bratton, Jesse J.
Brauer, Caroline H.
Brauer, Charles W.
Brauer, Elizabeth
Brauer, Emilie F.
Brauer, Frederick A.
Brauer, Henry A.
Brauer, Henry Augustus
Brauer, Josephine W.
Brauer, May
Breckenridge, Anna
Breckenridge, James
Breckenridge, Maggie
Breckenridge, Mary A.
Brenton, Ella
Brenton, Ethel A.
Brenton, Frank G.
Brenton, L. Beatrice
Brenton, Lena B.
Brenton, Lucy C.
Brenton, Nellie
Brenton, Thomas J.
Brenton, William
Brenton, Wm. Mac
Brewer, Darlene Ferrier
Brewer, Francis M.
Brewer, John W.
Brewer, Permelia C.
Bridgeford, Anne Woodward
Bridgeford, Churchill G.
Bridgeford, Floy
Bridges, Lieut. C.G.
Bridges, Sarah E.
Bridgewater, David L.
Bridgford, Ernest H.
Bridgford, Maxine A.
Bridgford, Minnie
Bridgford, Richard B.
Bridgford, Wilbur F.
Bridgford, Wm. H.
Brigal, J.J.
Bright, Addie
Bright, Estelle M.
Bright, George
Bright, Harry
Bright, John
Bright, Oliver A.
Bright, Sarah
Brink, Horace
Brink, Rebecca
Brinker, Laura J.
Brinkman, Earnest O.
Brinkman, Susie B.
Brinkman, Velmer G.
Briscoe, Bernadine
Briscoe, Gussie S.
Briscoe, Walter
Britt, Myrtle C.
Britt, Raymond R.
Broadus, Mary Lou
Brockenbrough, John Grasty
Brockenbrough, M.A.
Brockenbrough, Maj. Robert
Brockenbrough, Robert S.
Broemser, Bob
Broemser, Charles
Broemser, Ccharle4s R.
Broemser, Helene
Bronough, Louise Lackland
Bronough, Mary Lydia
Bronough, William H.
Brookins, Kenneth
Brooks, A.E.D.
Brooks, Agnes E.
Brooks, Alva B.
Brooks, Bessie M.
Brooks, Charles W.
Brooks, Constance West
Brooks, Dollie
Brooks, Elder Jno. T.
Brooks, Evan S.
Brooks, Frankie Rosalie
Brooks, Fred Bud
Brooks, Frederick
Brooks, George Houston
Brooks, Henry T.
Brooks, Irene Bell
Brooks, Jesse N.
Brooks, Joseph G.
Brooks, Juanita M.
Brooks, Lida N.
Brooks, Margaret
Brooks, Martha Elizabeth
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Mary E.
Brooks, Mary Lee
Brooks, Mary S.
Brooks, Mason
Brooks, Montie N.
Brooks, Mrs. E.B.
Brooks, Nookie
Brooks, Ora Lee
Brooks, Otis
Brooks, Percy Thomas
Brooks, Rev. Crayton S.
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, Wilbert (2)
Brooks, William M.
Brookshier, Irvin H.
Browing, Elma Jewell
Brown, Adelia
Brown, Albert R.
Brown, Alta
Brown, Alvin Jr.
Brown, Anna D.
Brown, Anna K.
Brown, Arizona
Brown, Arthur A.
Brown, B.A.
Brown, Barbara Jean
Brown, Barbara Jeanne
Brown, Benjamin A.
Brown, Benjamin D.
Brown, Bessie A.
Brown, Beulah S.
Brown, C.S.
Brown, Carolina W.
Brown, Catherine F.
Brown, Charles R.
Brown, Chas. J.
Brown, Clarence G.
Brown, Cynthia
Brown, D.N.
Brown, Delbert C.
Brown, Dena
Brown, Donald L.
Brown, Donna V.
Brown, Earl
Brown, Edna E.
Brown, Edna Mae
Brown, Eliza B.
Brown, Emma Clark
Brown, Ethel C.
Brown, Eulah M.
Brown, Eva B.
Brown, Fanny J.
Brown, Forrest E.
Brown, Francis Kennan
Brown, George H.
Brown, George L.
Brown, George O.
Brown, Gladys Mae
Brown, Harry
Brown, Harry S.
Brown, Hattie M.
Brown, Hattie V.
Brown, Hazel E.
Brown, Helen F.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Iva M.

Clutter, Herbert
Clutter, Martin O.
Clutter, Simpson C
Coakley, John W.
Coakley, Mary
Coakley, Nona
Coates, Jack Albert
Coatsworth, Adaline
Coatsworth, Charles
Coatsworth, Clarissa
Coatsworth, Frank W.
Coatsworth, Ida Lee
Coatsworth, Ralph
Cobb, Annie Lee
Cobb, Elmer Lewis
Cobb, Ethel F.
Cobb, Lucille
Cobb, Lula B.F.
Cobb, Luther
Cobb, Mary Belle
Cobb, Myrtle L.
Cobb, Otha B.
Cobb, Rev. I.H.
Cochran, Hattie Pearl
Cockelreas, Charles L.
Cockelreas, James E.
Cockelreas, Mattie B.
Coffel, Annie Sims
Coffer, Lawrence Marion
Coil, Annie
Coil, Annie L.
Coil, Bettie
Coil, Edward
Coil, George R.
Coil, Hazel Alicia
Coil, J.G.
Coil, Jesse L.
Coil, Jessie P.
Coil, John
Coil, John G.
Coil, Lewis Dean
Coil, Lulu Harriett
Coil, Maebelle
Coil, Martha E.
Coil, Myrtle Hoffman
Coil, Paul Everett
Coil, Ralph
Coil, Randall
Coil, Rodney
Coil, Rose Marie
Coil, Ruth
Coldwell, Anna M.
Coldwell, Colison L.
Coldwell, Ellen
Coldwell, Elmer E.
Cole, Allen E.
Cole, Amos R.
Cole, Dorothy M.
Cole, Grace M.
Cole, Leroy
Cole, Lucille
Cole, Maurine E.
Cole, Randall R.
Cole, Vear Lee
Coleman, Albert B.
Coleman, Albert B. Sr.
Coleman, Fannie
Coleman, James H.
Coleman, James L.
Colley, Elsie G.
Colley, Emma Dell
Colley, James E.
Colley, James W.
Colley, Jennie Atkins
Colley, Wanona M.
Collier, Alfred
Collier, Jennie L.
Colligan, Margaret
Collins, Amazon
Collins, Archibald W.
Collins, B.O.
Collins, Bertie G.
Collins, Bessie
Collins, Carl A.
Collins, Charlie T.
Collins, E.A.
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, G.A.
Collins, Herbert C.
Collins, Ira
Collins, Izorah
Collins, M.L.
Collins, Mark Irvin
Collins, Martha
Collins, Mary E.
Collins, Percy
Colman, Mamie
Colvin, Eliza Ann
Cone, Josephine E.
Conklin, Albert H.
Conklin, Anna Erdel
Conklin, Edgar A.
Conklin, Jack
Conklin, James E.
Conklin, Mary L.
Conklin, Minnie M.
Conklin, Norma J.
Conklin, Warren E.
Conklin, William R.
Conley, Geneva
Conley, Margaret A.
Conner, E.M.
Conner, Leta A.
Conner, Zeke
Connor, Betty Jean
Connor, Herbert Clair
Connor, Jennie M.
Connor, Minnie
Connor, Westley
Cook, Clarence E.
Cook, Frank B.
Cook, Harry
Cook, Hattie A.
Cook, Hubart F.
Cook, Jane McPheeters
Cook, Mabel M.
Cook, Raymond R.
Cook, William R.
Cook, William Saul
Coon, Permelia
Coons, Angeline
Coons, C.M.
Coons, E.F.
Coons, Fannie M.
Coons, Florence V.
Coons, Frank
Coons, J.T.
Coons, Joseph M.
Coons, Minnie
Coons, Nellie
Coons, William H.
Cooper, Benjamin F.
Cooper, Carl
Cooper, Elijah D.
Cooper, Fannie A.
Cooper, Gertrude W.
Cooper, James F.
Cooper, Mary E.
Cooper, Natalie W.
Cooper, William C.
Copeland, Ira Lee
Copman, Agatha E.
Copman, Ellda Clara
Copman, Emma Louise
Ccopman, Grace Leona
Copman, Henry H.
Corcoran, Hazel O.
Corcoran, Lelia A.
Corcoran, Robert M.
Corish, Mabel E.
Corish, Thomas J.
Corker, Ann
Corker, Daniel
Corless, Laverne C.
Corless, Raymond L.
Cornelison, Harry W.
Cornelison, Susie O.
Corner, Elizabeth Jane
Corner, Julia E.
Corner, Watson
Corner, Watson L.
Cornett, A. Texas
Cornett, Ada Berry
Cornett, Dr. William E.
Cornett, Lottie
Cornett, T.J.
Cottingham, Anna
Cottingham, Marion F.
Covey, Mary
Covington, James Forest
Covington, Mary Jenevee
Cowherd, Corrine
Cowherd, Thelma Gray
Cowley, Charles H.
Cowley, Harry Lee
Cowley, Luttie
Cox, A.J.
Cox, Albert
Cox, Alfred
Cox, Alice
Cox, Augusta L.
Cox, Carol Jane
Cox, Edwin
Cox, Frances Elizabeth
Cox, Harriet A.
Cox, Jennie
Cox, Novella
Cox, Raymond E.
Cox, Rebecca Jane
Cox, Roy
Cox, Virginia Mae

Dishman, James R.
Dishman, Mary A.
Diven, Sue A.
Diven, Thomas H.
Divers, Mattie Debo
Divers, Stanley H.
Dix, Mamie
Dixon, Charley
Dixon, George
Dixon, Jacqueline G.
Dixon, Laura
Dixon, Luster
Dixon, Mattie
Dobberfuhl, Wayne F.
Dobyns, B.F
Dobyns, Charles.
Dobyns, Elizabeth
Dobyns, Harriet
Dobyns, Joseph
Dobyns, Lillie
Dobyns, Luttie
Dodd monument
Dodd, Bessie W.
Dodd, Ina
Dodd, Mary Annis
Dodd, Matie E.
Dodd, Virgil Scott
Dodd, Will
Dodge, Helen D.
Dodson, Charles C.
Dodson, Dorothy G.
Dodson, Emmett G.
Dodson, James A.
Dodson, James William
Dodson, Jim
Dodson, Jim
Dodson, Leona B.
Dodson, Mildred C.
Dodson, Susan Vie
Dodson, William E.
Dodson, infant dau.
Doerge, Clarinda Coral
Doerge, Henrietta
Doerge, Hugo
Doerge, John D.
Doerge, Madge F.
Dollens, Annie C.
Dollens, Dorothy E.
Dollens, Louise
Dollens, Raymond Lee
Dollens, Thomas K.
Dollens, Virginia Lou
Dollens, Willis V.
Domnitz, Dr. F.C.
Domnitz, Frances N.
Donnan, Annie L.
Donnan, William S.
Donner, Thomas Baldwin
Donohew, Gerald O.
Donohew, Lee A.
Donohew, Rosa
Donovan, Florence Agnes
Doolin, Dillard T.
Doolin, Edgar B.
Doolin, Leroy
Doolin, Martha
Doolin, Williard S.
Dorgan, Hannah
Dorgan, John F.
Dorgan, Juliet E.
Dorgan, William
Dorrah, Ann
Dorsey, Onie
Doss, Esther
Doss, Lida E.
Doss, William H.
Doty, Elizabeth
Doty, Gladys Nellie
Doty, Mahala
Doty, Minnie French
Doty, Samuel S.
Douglas, Albert
Douglas, Frankie
Douglas, John H.
Douglas, Theresa Mae
Douglass, Alice
Douglass, Benjamin
Douglass, Jessie R.
Douglass, Margaret E.
Douglass, Maude
Doux, William J.
Dowell, Add M.
Dowell, Anna L. (2)
Dowell, B. Stephen
Dowell, Benjamin F.
Dowell, Carrie A.
Dowell, Carrie W.
Dowell, Charles K.
Dowell, Chester L.
Dowell, Grover C.
Dowell, Henry R.
Dowell, J. Arthur
Dowell, James C. (2)
Dowell, James W.
Dowell, Lena
Dowell, Luna L.
Dowell, Martha W.
Dowell, Martin H.
Dowell, Sallie R.
Dowell, Sarah F.
Dowell, Sudie R.
Dowell, Taylor
Dowell, Walter O.
Dowell, Wilbert W.
Downing, Nadine K.
Downs, George N.
Downs, J. Dee
Downs, Ocea O.
Dozier, Luther M. (2)
Dozier, Lutie A.
Dozier, Lutie M.
Drain, Bert F.
Drain, Cynthia M.
Drain, Elizabeth
Drain, Minerva A.
Drain, Reason A.
Drain, Thomas
Driver, Jno.
Driver, Sarah
Druger, Bill

Elliott, Robert Payton
Elliott, Sudie B.
Elliott, W.
Elliott, William H.
Ellis, Herrell Dwayne
Ellis, Nellie Clanton
Elsberry, Mary F.
Emerick, Erastus J.
Emerick, Etta McDonough
Emmons, Bessie
Emmons, Carolyn
Emmons, Elizabeth Durkee
Emmons, Elizabeth Ford
Emmons, Eliza. Grantham
Emmons, Emma Allison
Emmons, Ethal
Emmons, Florence Patterson
Emmons, James Crawford
Emmons, Lizzie H.
Emmons, R.M.
Emmons, Ruby Hart
Emmons, Russell Monroe
Emmons, S.P.
Emmons, Samuel G.
Emmons, St. Clair Peyton
Emmons, Vertna
Emmons, Zada Turner P.
Emmons, infant
Enderlen, Evelyn Hulen
England, Charles Henry
Engle, Birdie A.
Engle, Elmer W.
Engle, Leora E.
Engle, Oliver J.
Engle, Phillip
Engle, Sarah A.
Engle, Silas
English, George Edward
Erdel, Annie
Erdel, Connie L.
Erdel, Emma Read
Erdel, Frances B.
Erdel, Harold D.
Erdel, Harry
Erisman, Harry B.
Erisman, Nellie
Ernst, C.T.

Folley, John W.
Folley, Sarah J.
Folley, Thos. M.
Fonville, Coralee
Fonville, W.D. & M.Y.
Forbis, Robert L.
Ford, Dr. Harvey
Ford, Elizabeth
Ford, Elizabeth Price
Ford, F. Florene
Ford, Florence
Ford, Harrison
Ford, James G.
Ford, Leta I.
Ford, Mary J.
Ford, infant son
Foree, Beulah Alderson
Foree, Eula
Foree, Homer L.
Foree, James A.
Foree, John
Foree, Louise A.
Foreman, Gilbert L.
Foreman, Jerry Dale
Foreman, Marie E.
Forester, Raymond H.
Forester, Vickie A.
Forrest, Hughie J.
Forrest, N. Lucille
Forrester, Charles
Forrester, Frances
Forrist, Raymond Pease
Forrist, Wm. O.
Forster, Beatrice
Forster, Byron Powell
Forster, Clark Harold
Forster, J.M.
Forster, Judson R.
Forster, Lawrence
Forward, F.P.
Forward, Mayer
Foster, Cave
Foster, Charles M.
Foster, Ella May
Foster, Frances
Foster, Jewell
Foster, Joseph
Foster, Lewis
Foster, Martha E.
Foster, Pearl
Foster, Pearl G.
Foster, Roy
Foster, William L.
Fountain, Annie
Fountain, Emma L.
Fountain, Herbert O.
Fountain, Nannie
Fountain, O’Don
Fountain, Richard W.
Fowler, Allie
Fowler, Hazel
Fowler, Laura B.
Fowler, Lee Van
Fowler, Marguerite
Fowler, Martin V.
Fowler, Mary E.
Fowler, Mary S.
Fowler, Richard H.
Fowler, Ruby
Fowles, Harriet A.
Fowles, Jerry
Fowles, Warren C.
Fowles, Washington L.
Fox, Alice G.
Fox, Annie D.
Fox, Benjamin F.
Fox, Billy S.
Fox, Charles F.
Fox, Clyde F.
Fox, Dorothy
Fox, Eliza J.
Fox, Elizabeth (2)
Fox, Eulalia
Fox, George S.
Fox, Homer Marteen
Fox, Ivy M.
Fox, J. Wesley
Fox, James W.
Fox, James Wesley
Fox, John H.
Fox, John W.
Fox, Lester E.
Fox, Maggie E.
Fox, Martha
Fox, Mary
Fox, Nora
Fox, Ruth E.
Fox, Solomon
Fox, Thomas L.
Fox, Virginia F.

Glandon, Joseph A.
Glandon, Katie E.
Glandon, Mary A.
Glandon, Mary Frances
Glandon, Mildred Rothwell
Glass, Bernice
Glass, John V. Sr.
Glass, Lillie
Glass, Pauline Hardy
Glasscock, Harrison
Gleason, Anna Whitehill
Gleason, Gustavous
Gleason, Horace W.
Gleason, Mary A.
Gleason, Mrs. H.W.
Gleason, Nettie H.
Gleason, Sophia J.
Gleason, infant son
Glover, Lawrence
Goatley, Kate
Godberson, Eva L.
Godberson, Peter
Godberson, Wilhelmina
Godberson, William H.
Goddard, Amanda
Goddard, B.A.
Goddard, Eliza A.
Goddard, Frank M.
Goddard, George W.
Goddard, Laura
Goddard, Lena
Goddard, Sarah L.
Goe, Fay
Goe, Scott E.
Goff, Katherine P.
Goff, Roy Lee
Goll, Katherine
Gooch, Rev. Thomas
Gooch, Sophia
Gooch, Thos. J.
Goode, Alex
Goode, David
Goodwin, Ezra Wilbert
Goodwin, Savannah Louise
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, John Maupin
Gore, Nora E.
Gorham, Caroline K.
Gorham, Jno. W.
Gorham, Mary D.
Gorman, Kenneth V.
Gorrell, A. Monroe
Gorrell, Dr. Homer A.
Gorrell, Jewell B.
Gorrell, Leona C.
Gorth, Frank
Gorth, Willie
Gould, Anna
Gould, Lilia
Gould, Peggy A.
Gould, Rachel
Gowin, John C.
Gowin, Martha A.
Graff, Margaret
Graham, Altha C.
Graham, Charles L.
Graham, Charles R.
Graham, Effie
Graham, Eli D.
Graham, Ella
Graham, Emeline
Graham, Emma I.
Graham, Ferris
Graham, G.D.
Graham, Geo.
Graham, George Franklin
Graham, Gus T.
Graham, Henriette
Graham, Ida E.
Graham, Jennie F.
Graham, John B.
Graham, Joseph C.
Graham, Josephus
Graham, Leroy
Graham, Lizzie
Graham, Lovey
Graham, Lucy
Graham, Margaret J.
Graham, Mattie Bell
Graham, Ralph
Graham, Robt. C.
Graham, Sarah A.
Grainge, M.A.
Grainge, M.E.
Grainge, T.M.
Grainge, T.M. Jr.
Grant, Ada Mae
Grant, Bula K.
Grant, C. Victor
Grant, Jack L.
Grantham, Elizabeth
Grantham, Mary Ford
Grantham, Samuel A.
Grasty, Ella Pettus
Grasty, J.S.
Graves, Fannie W. Tucker
Graves, Harold James
Graves, Harry Lee Jr.
Graves, Harvey Lee Sr.
Graves, Howard Eugene
Graves, Jerry Lee
Graves, John A.
Graves, Ora L.
Graves, Ora Lee Jr.
Graves, Rosalie
Graves, Tennie
Graves, Tokie E.
Gray, Charles
Gray, Clarence C.
Gray, Elizabeth Lunn
Gray, Irvin Smith
Gray, Lillian
Gray, Margery B.
Gray, Maude B.
Gray, Mayme M.
Gray, Thelma
Grayer, Andrew
Green, Alice W.
Green, Bertha N.
Green, C.E. & E.K.
Green, Caroline D.
Green, Charles E.
Green, Charles Richard

Hendrix, Oliver
Hendrix, Pelide
Hendrix, William A.
Hendrix, William E.
Hendrix, William M.
Hendrix, infant
Hepler, Cora Ellen
Hepler, Louis Otto
Herman, Alfred L.
Herman, Wilma T.
Hern, Dave
Herndon, Elvira Hord
Herndon, Lewis
Herndon, Mary Fant
Herndon, Richard
Herring, George P.
Herring, Helen E.
Herring, John D.
Herring, Pamelia J.
Herring, Russell P.
Hering, Zella Haden
Herron, Belva M.
Herron, David S.
Herron, John
Herron, Jurney H.
Herron, Rilda
Herron, Rose Marmaduke
Herron, Simeon
Hesterberg, Williamn C.
Hibbert, Bell
Hickam, A.L.
Hickman-Boyd family
Hickman, Lucy Alva
Hickman, William Hugh
Hicks, Wilhelmine Moore
Higbee, Claud E.
Higbee, Emily L.
Hightshoe, Arthur W.
Hightshoe, Lola I.
Hildebrand, Alfred
Hildebrand, Anna W.
Hildebrand, Forest L.
Hildebrand, Helen L.
Hildebrand, M. Fred
Hildebrand, Mary Jane
Hildebrand, Paul H.
Hildebrand, Robert L.
Hildebrand, Ruth A.
Hildebrand, Wilhelmina
Hill, Barbara A.
Hill, Charles T.
Hill, Chester A.
Hill, Clyde L.
Hill, Dorothy
Hill, George (2)
Hill, George E.
Hill, Helen
Hill, Hubert H.
Hill, John H.
Hill, Marilyn R.
Hill, Mark Dewayne
Hill, Mary Ella
Hill, Mary S.
Hill, Michael Lee
Hill, Nellie M. Jones
Hill, Nellie S.
Hill, Pattie Belle
Hill, Pete
Hill, Robert Franklin
Hill, Sarah A.
Hill, Thelma V.
Hill, Wallace L.
Hill, Wiley
Hiner, David Augustus
Hiner, Desdemona A.
Hiner, James N.
Hines, J.G.
Hinshaw, Allen E.
Hinshaw, Tip Sitton
Hinshaw, William W.
Hinson, Marie E.
Hinson, Wilson A.
Hinze, William F.
Hisey, J.G.
Hisey, J. Will
Hisey, Matilda
Hite, Byron
Hite, Charles V.
Hitt, Abram C.
Hitt, Carolyn Amanda
Hitt, Jennie Wise
Hitt, Jewel
Hitt, Mary A.
Hitt, Orlando
Hitt, Thomas B.
Hitt, William Y.
Hoard, John A.
Hobbs, Ada
Hobbs, Clinton
Hobbs, Elizabeth
Hobbs, Ethel Burnett
Hobbs, Manley Ollie
Hodge, Catherine Dunn
Hodge, Edward Clark
Hodgkins, Dell
Hodgkins, Helen
Hodgson, James S.
Hodgson, Mary Ann
Hodgson, Walter T.
Hoffman, Donald
Hoffman, Howard
Hoffman, Lorraine
Hoffman, Lucy
Hoffman, May Brauer
Hoffman, Turner
Hogan, Dora
Hogan, John
Holbert, Clarence E.
Holbert, Clarence F.
Holbert, Frances A.
Holcomb, Burlie V.
Holcomb, Levola M.
Holcomb, Myrtle
Holcomb, Will G.
Holderby, Mildred
Holland, Edna E.
Holland, James E.
Holland, John William
Hollenbeck, Mathilda
Holliday, L.P.
Holliday, Luckie
Holliday, M.K.
Holliday, Martha Kincade
Hollingsworth, Allan D.
Hollingsworth, Betty M.
Hollingsworth, Cheryl
Hollingsworth, Dennis
Hollingsworth, Gary
Hollingsworth, George L.
Hollingsworth, Mabel M.
Hollingsworth, Maude (2)
Hollingsworth, Nellie B.
Hollingsworth, Sandra
Hollingsworth, William H.
Hollis, Henry
Hollis, Leander
Hollon, Joseph W.
Hollon, Kathryn E.
Hollon, Mildred Ruth
Hollopeter, Ada L.
Hollopeter, David C.
Holloway, John W.
Holloway, Ollie E.
Holman, Clyston O.
Holman, Hugh
Holman, Mert
Holmes, Arthur
Holmes, Dorothy E.
Holmes, Emma Jane
Holmes, H.C.
Holmes, Ida Clark
Holmes, Lionel D.
Holmes, P.R.
Holmes, Roena Campbell
Holt, Earl L.
Holt, J.G.
Holt, Mollie M.
Holt, Rachel O.
Holt, Sarah Maud
Holt, T.J.
Holt, Woodford
Holterman, Henry F.
Holterman, Mamie S.
Holtkamp, Charles L.
Holtkamp, Debra Diane
Holtkamp, Edna C.
Holtkamp, Ella M.
Holtkamp, Frank T.
Holtkamp, H.E.
Holtkamp, J.J.
Holtkamp, James Noel
Holtkamp, Joe H.
Holtkamp, John Joseph
Holtkamp, Joseph Calhoon
Holtkamp, Joyce
Holtkamp, Mary Elizabeth
Holtkamp, Ronald D.
Holtkamp, Vera R. Calhoon
Holtkamp, W. Joyce
Holtkamp, infant dau.
Holtman, Orvid J.
Holtman, Otto J.
Holtman, Palemily Moore
Holtman, Sallie Elida
Homan, Bessie Lovett
Honiff, Leslie
Hook, Gray T. (2)
Hook, Jennie Cox
Hook, John Thomas
Hook, Martha I.
Hook, Mary A.
Hook, Mary S.
Hook, Mattie Ruth
Hook, Sallie
Hook, Samuel T.
Hook, Thomas E.
Hook, W.H.
Hooton, Eglantine Deborah
Hooton, Enoch
Hootsell, Sinah A.
Hope, Claric M.
Hope, Matthew
Hopkins, Alfred
Hopkins, C.A. & Josie
Hopkins, Diana
Hopkins, Edythe G.
Hopkins, Emma F.
Hopkins, Emma Frances
Hopkins, Ernest E.
Hopkins, L.O. & Veda
Hopkins, Leman S. (2)
Hopkins, Lottie Frances
Hopkins, infant
Hord, Alice S.
Hord, Anna Mae
Hord, E.L.
Hord, Harriet Gant
Hord, Hattie

Irvine, Manda A.
Isenmann, Bessie P.
Isenmann, Walter H.
Isgrig, Elmer Gene
Isgrig, Ethel M.

Johnson, Finley B.
Johnson, Floy E.
Johnson, Fred L.
Johnson, Gene L.
Johnson, Geo. W.
Johnson, George N.
Johnson, George R.
Johnson, Georgia A.
Johnson, H.S.
Johnson, Hady A.
Johnson, Hallie
Johnson, Harmon
Johnson, Harvey E.
Johnson, Hazel I.
Johnson, Helen
Johnson, Henry W.
Johnson, Ida Lee
Johnson, India
Johnson, Iona
Johnson, J. Brooks
Johnson, J. Tommie
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, Jack C.
Johnson, James O.
Johnson, James T.
Johnson, Jessie H.
Johnson, Joe E.
Johnson, Johanna
Johnson, Joseph Rbt.
Johnson, Kenneth I.
Johnson, L.A.
Johnson, Lewis A.
Johnson, Lois E.
Johnson, Lorene
Johnson, Lottie
Johnson, Lou Ella
Johnson, M. Louise
Johnson, Marjorie L.
Johnson, Marsena J.
Johnson, Martha Ann
Johnson, Martha Jane
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary B.
Johnson, Mary E.(2)
Johnson, Mary F.
Johnson, Mary L.
Johnson, Mattie L.
Johnson, Mertie J.
Johnson, Mildred L.
Johnson, Milton Perry
Johnson, Mima
Johnson, Mrs. Geo. W.
Johnson, Nathaniel
Johnson, Nettie
Johnson, Nettie E.
Johnson, Olan B.
Johnson, Price
Johnson, R. Lee
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Stephen M.
Johnson, Sue
Johnson, Susan C.
Johnson, Taswell
Johnson, Thomas Marion
Johnson, U. Cecil
Johnson, Virginia
Johnson, Wallace D.
Johnson, Wallace H.
Johnson, Watoga P.
Johnson, Wilfley Jr.
Johnson, William D.
Johnson, William E.
Johnson, Willis
Johnson, Zella
Johnston, Everette.
Johnston, Floy Coil
Johnston, Jennie B.
Johnston, John J.
Johnston, Julia B.
Johnston, Mary M.
Johnston, Mattie Schrader
Johnston, Noah S.
Jolley, Edward Frank
Jolley, J. Frank MD
Jolley, Leola York
Jolly, Dr. William H.
Jolly, Elizabeth G.
Jolly, George S.

Abbay, Jaala R. Menefee
Abbay, Jane Nelly
Abby, Vivian
Acton, James L.
Adams, A.O. & Mary
Adams, Albert E.
Adams, Alex Ovens
Adams, Alice Z.
Adams, Amanda T.
Adams, Appleton Cushman
Adams, Bennie Louise
Adams, Charley C.
Adams, Charlie R.
Adams, Clifton W.
Adams, Daisy E.
Adams, Dr. A.K.
Adams, Dr. S.C.
Adams, Edith C.
Adams, Elly
Adams, Elzie L.
Adams, Emma Rosser
Adams, Frank L.
Adams, Gayle
Adams, George W. (2)
Adams, Increase
Adams, J.E.
Adams, J. Walter
Adams, James C.
Adams, James W.
Adams, John
Adams, Julia A.
Adams, Julia G.
Adams, Junia Dean
Adams, Leslie
Adams, Liga Marshall
Adams, Lillian N.
Adams, Lucinda B.
Adams, Lydia
Adams, Mamie
Adams, Martha E.
Adams, Mary A.
Adams, Mary Alice (2)
Adams, Mary Lee
Adams, Mary M. (2)
Adams, Matilda L.
Adams, Maude E.
Adams, Mrs. Matilda J.
Adams, Nora Pindall
Adams, Orval W.
Adams, Priscilla F.
Adams, Ralph
Adams, Simeon C. MD
Adams, Walter
Adams, Walter L.
Adams, William B.
Adams, William C.
Adams, William C.
Adams, William D.
Adams, infant
Adams, infants
Adkins, Rhoda
Adkins, Stella
Adkins, William H.
Albright, Estella
Albright, Everett Russell
Albright, Ferdinand A.
Albright, John F.
Albright, John P.
Albright, Joy L.
Albright, Lydia May
Albright, Roy E.
Albright, Ruby M.
Alderson, Beulah E.
Alderson, Cecil V.
Alderson, Dorothy R.
Alderson, Walter B.
Alexander, Charles F.
Alexander, Elsie May
Alexander, Laura E.
Alexander, Malissa
Alexander, Richard D.

Bacon, Mary Fritts
Bafford, Lucy
Bafford, William
Bail, Lenore F.
Bail, Louise
Bail, Ruth
Bailey, Albert L.
Bailey, Betty Myers
Bailey, Elisha Darlene
Bailey, George W.
Baily, Connie L.
Baird, Edna
Baise, Hallie M.
Baker, Bob
Baker, Chas. Lapsley
Baker, Chas. W.
Baker, Clarence W.
Baker, Daisy
Baker, Dora
Baker, Eliza
Baker, Emma F.
Baker, Frances J.
Baker, Geo. W.
Baker, George T.
Baker, Georgia
Baker, Hardin E.
Baker, Henry L.
Baker, Henry McKinley
Baker, J. Robert
Baker, James W.
Baker, John F.
Baker, John T.
Baker, Joseph Alanson
Baker, Leona M.
Baker, Lura
Baker, Marie S.
Baker, Mary
Baker, Matilda S.
Baker, Nancy Bennington
Baker, Olivia Melvina
Baker, Richard T.
Baker, Robert W.
Baker, Robt. P.
Baker, Susan L.
Baker, Vergie Mayes
Baker, W.R.
Baker, William
Baker, Wm. O.
Baldridge, Edith
Baldridge, John W.
Baldridge, Lillie
Baldridge, Sallie
Baldwin, B.
Baldwin, Eliza Clendenin
Baldwin, Frances Sackett
Baley, George W.
Baley, Martha A.
Balfour, A. Mead
Balfour, Eva L.
Balfour,Eva Rose
Balfour, Rosalie D.
Ball, Cuma J.
Ball, Floetta
Ball, John N.
Ball, John Riggs
Ball, John W.
Ball, Lena
Ball, Luna Lee
Ball, Minnie B.
Ball, Thelma Rose
Ball, X.P.
Ball, Xenophon P.
Ballew, Amelia
Ballew, John H.
Ballew, Joseph
Ballew, Hattie Y.
Ballew, Minerva
Ballew, Ora H.
Ballew, Turner
Balzer, Robert E.
Balzer, Ruby Young
Barbarick, Nadine L.
Barbarick, Richard E.
Barger, Danny
Barker, Calvin
Barker, Cleo B.
Barker, Dorothy
Barker, Emma L.
Barker, Ethel M.
Barker, Frances Spotswood
Barker, George Wm.
Barker, John
Barker, John H.
Barker, Mary K.
Barker, Robert L.
Barkley, Margaret E.
Barkley, W.C.
Barks, Bettie W.
Barks, Cordie
Barks, Horace B. Jr.
Barks, Rev. Horace B.
Barney, Austin
Barney, John F.
Barney, Mary E.
Barney, Nora
Barnes, A.C.
Barnes, Adam Clark
Barnes, Baker
Barnes, Barney
Barnes, Ben C.
Barnes, Bobby
Barnes, Clarence
Barnes, Clayton K.
Barnes, Cyrenius
Barnes, Cyrus Canterbury
Barnes, Dora M.
Barnes, Dora Remley
Barnes, Elma Lee
Barnes, Garrett
Barnes, Gladys Marie
Barnes, Gladys Rachel
Barnes, H. Baker
Barnes, Hattie Canterbury
Barnes, James Harrison
Barnes, L. Turner
Barnes, Latney
Barnes, Lawrence M.
Barnes, Mary Ann
Barnes, Maurice N.
Barnes, Maxine
Barnes, Minnie
Barnes, N.B.
Barnes, Nannie B.
Barnes, Nellie L.
Barnes, Otis
Barnes, Philip E.
Barnes, Raymond T.
Barnes, Rilla Gorrell
Barnes, Ro__
Barnes, Ruth B.
Barnes, Ruth Harwood
Barnes, Ruth Lakenan
Barnes, Ruthie M.
Barnes, Theodore
Barnes, Vera M.
Barnes, W. Latney
Barnett monument
Barnett, Ada May
Barnett, Adela C.
Barnett, Ernest N.
Barnett, Evelyn R.
Barnett, George William
Barnett, John Thomas
Barnett, Leland Cook
Barnett, Mabel R.
Barnett, Marie A.
Barnett, Olyne F.
Barnett, Roy E.
Barone, C. Ann
Barone, Rev. Joe A.
Barre, Eva
Barre, William T.
Barry, Ben T.
Barry, Dorothy A.
Barry, Geo. W.
Barry, Wilhelmina
Bartee, Nellie
Bartels, Ada Marie
Bartels, Albert C.
Bartels, Benjamin H.
Bartels, Blanche G.
Bartels, Emilie C.
Bartels, Harrison
Bartels, Henry M.
Bartels, John C.
Bartels, John F.
Bartels, Joseph W.
Bartels, Robert T.
Barton, Ama B.
Barton, Julius A.
Barton, Roe S.
Barton, Susan
Barton, Theresa
Barton, William V.
Barton, Wm. H.
Baskett, Cecil Morrison
Baskett, Clarence J.
Baskett, Dr. Thos. J.
Baskett, Frances
Baskett, Georgia C.
Baskett, Gordon
Baskett, Harry
Baskett, Henry
Baskett, James Newton
Baskett, Jennie Morrison
Baskett, John B.
Baskett, Kirtley M.
Baskett, Louise
Baskett, Maggie M.
Baskett, Mary J.
Baskett, Mattie
Baskett, Sarah A.
Baskin, Ella
Baskin, J.C.V.
Baskin, Mary A.
Baskin, Samuel C.
Bass, Angia Jewell
Bass, Inman Thomas
Bass, L.N.
Bass, Lula
Bass, Ray
Bass, Tom
Basse, A.
Bassett, Thomas B.
Bassford, Charlene V.
Bassford, Homer S.
Bassford, James C.
Bassford, Kate Osborn
Bassford, Wallace
Bassford, Wallace D.
Bassford, little son
Bast, C & C.Y.
Bast, Lenora T.
Bast, Susan Jane
Bast, William A.
Bauer, John
Bauer, John C.
Bauer, Laura Maye
Bauer, Marie E.
Bauer, Rosa
Baum, Betty
Baum, Glenn
Bayless, Geo. A.
Bayless, Mary E.
Bayless, Pattie S.
Baysinger, Danny Littrell
Baysinger, Edwin Cecil
Baysinger, Geneva I.
Baysinger, Mildred A.
Baysinger, Oma Ercel
Baysinger, Raymond Lewis
Beadle, Emily F.
Beagles, Florence
Beagles, Grace H.
Beagles, Ida J.
Beagles, J. Monroe
Beagles, James M.
Beagles, Joe L.
Beagles, John W.
Beagles, Lelia D.
Beagles, Maria L.
Beagles, Minnie Lee
Beagles, Ralph William
Beagles, Ray H.
Beahan, Elmer A.
Beahan, Flossie Pearl
Beahan, Larry Wayne
Beahan, William Lloyd
Bealmer, Douglas Dale
Bealmer, Lacy Elizabeth
Bealmer, Wallace C.
Beals, Anna L.
Beals, Garnett
Beam, Annette
Beam, Emma
Beam, Frank
Beam, Jesse L.
Beamer, Mary L.
Beamer, Omar G.
Bean, Mary E.
Beasley, Charlie A.
Beasley, Ida F.
Beattie, William Barker
Beatty, Alice B.
Beatty, Bessie L.
Beatty, Delia
Beatty, Edwd.
Beatty, Eliza J.
Beatty, Elizabeth J.
Beatty, James E.
Beatty, Jennie B.
Beatty, Joe D.
Beatty, John B.
Beatty, John P.
Beatty, John W.
Beatty, Martha
Beatty, Sallie A.
Beck, Arena Elizabeth
Beck, Ina Frances
Becker, Emil C.
Becker, Sallie Jane
Beckley, Genevieve Withers
Beckley, Howard Henry
Beckley, Isaac C.
Beckley, John Howard
Beckley, Mae B.

Cable, Unaiveve Alexander
Cadwell, Charles William
Cadwell, Elizabeth Fritts
Cadwell, Elizabeth Lederle
Cagle, Almar E.
Cagle, Haskel B.
Cagle, Loretta M.
Cagle, Robert L.
Caldwell, David E.
Caley, Frances M.
Caley, Morrill T.
Calhoon, S. Edna Vanvacter
Calhoon, Stephen Pearl
Calhoon, Vera R.
Calhoon, William Rollie
Calhoun, Annie M.
Calhoun, Irvin M.
Calhoun, Martha R.
Calhoun, R.A.
Calhoun, Robert C.
Calhoun, Samuel
Calhoun, Vannie B.
Callahan, Mary Edith
Callaway, Annie
Callaway, Harriet Victoria
Callaway, James
Callaway, Julia Adams
Callaway, Lewis F.
Callaway, Mary McKinney
Callaway, Redman
Callaway, Sibyl
Callaway, Thomas
Callaway, Tonia C.
Callaway, Tonia G.
Callaway, Warren
Callaway, Wm. E.
Callihan, Emma
Callihan, Garland
Calloway, Dollie L.
Calloway, George
Calvert, Bobbie L.
Calvert, Patricia Stotler
Campbell, Alice L.
Campbell, Bessie B.
Campbell, Charles Shepherd
Campbell, Charlie
Campbell, Elizabeth M.
Campbell, Ellen Young
Campbell, Farley
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, J.T.
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, John L.
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, John R.
Campbell, L.
Campbell, Lena J.
Campbell, Lizzie L.
Campbell, Lula L. Philley
Campbell, Mabell Pearl
Campbell, Martha A.
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary Louise
Campbell, Mina Theresa
Campbell, Oliver M.
Campbell, Raymond E.
Campbell, Roena
Campbell, Sarah J.
Campbell, Travis Wayne
Campbell, Uncle Farley
Campbell, W.
Campbell, Walter
Campbell, William
Campbell, William D.
Campbell, William M.
Camplin, Earl
Camplin, Lucie
Canada, Mary E.
Canada, William H.
Canada, William Lee
Candy, C.W.
Candy, Charles A.
Candy, Jennie
Candy, Nannie Belle
Candy, Sallie M.
Cannon, Kitty
Cannon, Newt
Canole, Nancy
Canterbury, A.H.
Canterbury, Charlie
Canterbury, H. Grace
Canterbury, Joseph H.
Canterbury, Malissa A.
Canterbury, Mary J.
Canterbury, Oscar L.
Cantrell, Elizabeth Botts
Cardwell, C.C.
Cardwell, Edna
Cardwell, Edna Mary
Cardwell, Ida May
Cardwell, John B.
Cardwell, Pete
Cardwell, Susie T.
Cardwell, infant son
Carlyle, George
Carlyle, Glessie B.
Carlyle, Lilly
Carpenter, Carrie E.
Carpenter, James S.
Carr, Dr. L.T.
Carr, Emma C.
Carr, John H.
Carroll, E.E.
Carroll, E.M.
Carroll, Georgia
Carroll, Jas.
Carroll, Robert
Carson, Russell Lee
Carson, W.H.
Carter, Alex Sr.
Carter, Ann Mary
Carter, Bertha B.
Carter, Clarinda
Carter, Col. Ocie
Carter, E.H.
Carter, Earl D.
Carter, Earlen C.
Carter, Edward H. Jr.
Carter, Elisha T.P.
Carter, Emma N.
Carter, Ervie M.
Carter, Etha E.
Carter, Eva Dwyer
Carter, F.P.
Carter, Floyd E.
Carter, Floyd Eugene
Carter, Frances A.
Carter, Jemima Black
Carter, Jewelle H.
Carter, John Cannon
Carter, Joseph P.
Carter, Lee John
Carter, Lemuel
Carter, M. Carolyn
Carter, Mamie
Carter, Margaret P.
Carter, Marion S.
Carter, Mary Gill
Carter, Mary M.
Carter, Mary Virginia
Carter, Mattie B.
Carter, Nelson T.
Carter, Nina Condict
Carter, Polly M.
Carter, Richard C.
Carter, Sallie S.
Carter, William Rufus
Carter, Zella A.
Cartwright, Hugh Francis
Cartwright, Stella R.
Case, Harriet M.
Casey, Annie Kelly
Cason Frank M.
Cason, Susie M.
Cass, Elwyn L.
Cass, Hattie Addis
Cass, Helena M.
Cassidy, Aaanne E.
Castelow, Geo. M.
Causby, Jennie J.
Cauthorn, Anne Olson
Cauthorn, Benjamin R.
Cauthorn, Blanche C.
Cauthorn, C.P.
Cauthorn, Carter
Cauthorn, Cassie
Cauthorn, Columbus Hill
Cauthorn, Curtis P.
Cauthorn, Dan H.
Cauthorn, Daniel A.
Cauthorn, Dr. Wade H.
Cauthorn, E. Francis
Cauthorn, Eliza Colvin
Cauthorn, Elizabeth
Cauthorn, Frank A.
Cauthorn, Frankie Payne
Cauthorn, Gertrude C.
Cauthorn, James A.
Cauthorn, Joe M.
Cauthorn, Jumps
Cauthorn, Lillian Terry
Cauthorn, Mabel E.
Cauthorn, Mary C.
Cauthorn, Mary C. Mason
Cauthorn, Mary Cordelia
Cauthorn, Mary Wade
Caithorn, Nell
Cauthorn, Robert H.
Cauthorn, Ross B.
Cauthorn, Ruth
Cauthorn, Ruth Kirtley

Dahlem, Elizabeth
Dahlem, Eugene Sr.
Dahlem, John
Dahlem, John Frederick
Dahlem, John R.
Dahlem, Lillie
Dahlem, Margaret
Dahlem, O.J.A.
Dahlem, Sergt. John
Dahlem, William S.
Dales, Martha B.
Dales-Squiers monument
Daly, Frank Y.
Daly, Joseph S.
Daly, Rebecca
Daniel monument
Daniel, Andrew B.
Daniel, Annie M.
Daniel, Green C.
Daniel, Hal S.
Daniel, Henrie Erna
Daniel, James Ernest
Daniel, James W.
Daniel, Joseph B. II
Daniel, Joesph Bryant
Daniel, Mamie
Daniel, Matilda Greenwade
Daniel, Sarah June
Danley, James
Darnaby, Anne S.
Darnaby, J. Allen
Darrah, Florence B.
Darrah, John S.
Davenport, Philbert
Davenport, William L.
Davidson, Colier
Davidson, Etta May
Davidson, Eugenia P.
Davidson, Hollis S.
Davidson, James Tanner
Davidson, Luther L.
Davidson, Verna A.
Davis, Addie
Davis, Alma Lee
Davis, Annie Mary
Davis, Attoway R.
Davis, Beulah J.
Davis, Bobby
Davis, Brenda Lee
Davis, Charles T.
Davis, Cora
Davis, Cyrena F.
Davis, D. Clarence
Davis, Della Belle
Davis, Edward Lee
Davis, Ella
Davis, Ellis Wilson
Davis, Emette
Davis, Emily G.
Davis, Emma (2)
Davis, Ernestine
Davis, Eugene G.
Davis, Fannie
Davis, Frank P.
Davis, Freddie Francis
Davis, H. Burks
Davis, Helen G.
Davis, Henry E.
Davis, Isham T.
Davis, J. Hord
Davis, Jacob
Davis, James R.
Davis, Joe C.
Davis, John M.
Davis, Johnson
Davis, Judy J.
Davis, Kenneth Gordon
Davis, Kristie Jo
Davis, L.S.
Davis, Lena
Davis, Lorraine Jo
Davis, Lydia
Davis, Mamie Bowen
Davis, Marjorie Ann
Davis, Martha F.
Davis, Mary R.
Davis, Mary S.
Davis, Nell R.
Davis, Newton C.
Davis, Newton M.
Davis, Oliver B.
Davis, Paul
Davis, Rachel
Davis, S.T.
Davis, S.W.
Davis, Samuel B.
Davis, Sariler
Davis, Simon
Davis, Sophia
Davis, Stella B.
Davis, Stella Whitson
Davis, Thomas H.
Davis, Vinita Bond
Davis, Wanda
Davis, Will
Davolt, Ervin Lewis
Dawson, Josie Dixon
Dawson, Luther L.
Dawson, Mayme
Dawson, Rosa Jane
Day, Agnes T.
Day, Christena
Day, Dora Darlene Wade
Day, Harry R.
Day, Hazel L.
Day, Ira Cecil
Day, Julia A.
Day, Lucretia
Day, Margaret (2)
Day, Mary
Day, Morgan
Day, Paul
Day, Paul Rothwell
Day, Richard
Day, Rothwell
Day, Thomas R.
Day, Thos. E.
Day, Vera M.
Day, Walter
Day, William D.

Earl, Ida Moore
Earl, Jack
Earl, John C.
Earle, Dorothy C.
Earle, J. Leonard
Early, James & Robert
Early, Pearl T.
Early, Rebecca A.
Early, Rosa Lee
Early, Vera e.
Early, Walter E.
Easterling, Carolyn Grimm
Easterling, M. Rex
Eastin, Cheryl Lynn
Eckenberger, James R.
Eckenberger, Winifred
Eckert, Elsie L.
Eckert, Lottie
Eckert, Theodore
Ecton, Alice M.
Ecton, Cum C.
Ecton, Martha Elizabeth
Ecton, Philip H.
Ecton, Thomas J.
Edgar, Ariel Barnard
Edgar, Sinah Adams
Edmonds, Annie H.
Edmonds, Hattie M.
Edmonds, Richard H.
Edmonston, Annie M.
Edmonston, Artemesia
Edmonston, Bernard R.
Edmonston, Chas. G.
Edmonston, Chas. W.
Edmonston, Christina
Edmonston, Clarence W.
Edmonston, Cortez W.
Edmonston, Cortez W. Jr.
Edmonston, F.O.
Edmonston, Fannie Sharp
Edmonston, J.O.
Edmonston, Julia I.
Edmonston, Mary C.
Edmonston, Mary L.
Edmonston, Miriam Arnold
Edmonston, R.W.
Edmonston, Sarah E.

Face, Maryann Eileen
Faddis, Fonnie J.
Faddis, Marshall H.
Fager, Henry
Fainter, Roy
Fair, Charles W.
Fair, Martha J.
Fairchild, Addie May
Fairchild, Fanny
Fairchild, Guy Virgil
Fairchild, Howard Henry
Fairchild, Jessie Belle
Fairchild, John H.
Fairchild, John Henry Sr.
Fairchild, Minnie Marie
Fairchild, Ruth Elizabeth
Faires, J.V.
Faires, Sarah Goddard
Fairfax, John T.
Fant, Geo. Wilbur
Fant, Julia S.
Fant, Linnie
Fant, Martha
Fant, Mary
Fant, May McLeod.
Fant, Omer D.
Farrah, Anna A.
Farrah, C.F.
Farrah, C.H.
Farrah, Charles
Farrah, Eliza J.
Farrah, Everet B.
Farrah, Everett D.
Farrah, James E.
Farrah, John Marvin
Farrah, Lester J.
Farrah, Lewis
Farrah, Margaret
Farrah, Rosalie
Farrah, Ruby Lois
Farrah, Susanna S.
Farrah, Wesley W.
Farrah, Willard Lee
Farrah, William
Farris, Albert L.
Farris, Bessie
Farris, Fred A.
Farris, Jessie A.
Farris, Orville E.
Farris, Susie B.
Farrow, Genevieve C.
Farrow, Perry F.
Faucett, John A.
Faucett, Nan Mary
Fayad, Asma Y.
Fayad, Youssef M.
Fecht, Benjamin W.
Fecht, Bertha U.
Fecht, Harry E.
Fecht, Joe L.
Fecht, Joseph
Fecht, Lawrence M.
Fecht, Leona Pearl
Fecht, Linnie
Felgar, Hazel E.
Felgar, John K.
Femmer, Celia C.
Femmer, Donald Ray
Femmer, Lawrence H.
Femmer, Raymond G.
Fennewald, Louis J.
Fennewald, Wanda M.
Fentem, Ada G.
Fentem, J.C. & L.G.
Fentem, Sallie
Fenton, Alfred E.A.
Fenton, Margaret Dyke
Ferguson, Carrie E.
Ferguson, Grace P.
Ferguson, Raymond W.
Ferguson, Walter Lee
Ferguson, William A.
Ferrell, Jerry Lee
Ferrier, Darlene
Ferrier, Hugh Everett Jr.
Ferrier, Hugh Everett Sr.
Ferrier, Lottie R. Palmer
Ferrier, Neoma
Ferris, Catharine
Ferris, Cyrus B.
Ferris, Katie
Ferris, Marjorie Smith
Ferris, Mattie Garrard
Ferris, Ross D.
Ferris, Tinnie Garrard
Fesler, Carl
Fesler, Pearl P.
Fesler, Sadie M.
Fetter, A.B.
Fetter, L.B.

Gaffney, Catherine
Gaffney, G,
Gaffney, M.
Gaffney, Thomas
Gaines, William L.
Galbreath, Dorothy G.
Galbreath, Lewis Wheeler
Galbreath, Wheeler
Gallagher, Anna Guthrie
Gallagher, Francis E.
Gallaher mausoleum
Gallaway, G.E.
Gallaway, Jennie B.
Gallip, Donna Jean
Gallip, Mary Jo
Gallop monument
Gallop, Earnest L.
Gallop, George W.
Gallop, Lennie G.
Gallop, Mary E.
Gamble, Alex R.
Gamble, Alta W.
Gamble, Coleman Rogers
Gamble, Edward C.
Gamble, Edward Farrah
Gamble, Elmer
Gamble, J. Louis
Gamble, J. Reid
Gamble, John H.
Gamble, John W. (2)
Gamble, Joseph A.
Gamble, Katherine Platter
Gamble, Lewis McFarlane
Gamble, Lottie J.
Gamble, Mary (2)
Gamble, Metta B.
Gamble, Nettie
Gamble, Sallie W.
Gamble, Sue H. Withers
Gammon, Martha J.
Gant, Edmon G.
Gant, Edmon G. Jr.
Gant, Epsie
Gant, James
Gantt, Ernest S.
Gantt, Ernest S. MD
Gantt, Helena P.
Gantt, Martha J.
Gantt, Patrick H.
Gantt, Patrick H. II
Gapen, Edna Josephine
Gard, Joel
Gard, Nancy J.
Gard-Rudasill monument
Gardner, A.J.
Gardner, Alice
Gardner, Anna
Gardner, H.L.
Gardner, Herbert
Gardner, Hester L.
Gardner, James A.
Gardner, James H.
Gardner, Lark Edward
Gardner, Minnie M.
Gardner, Tion L.
Garner, Edna
Garner, Eliza A.
Garner, Martha M.
Garner, Philip
Garner, Willard
Garner, William H.
Garnett, Douglass
Garnett, Rosa
Garnett, Sanford
Garrard, Emma W.
Garrard, James D.
Garrard, Jennie H.
Garrard, Jennie Hull
Garrard, John Hull
Garrard, Stephen L.
Garrard, Tinnie Russell
Garrett, Ada J.
Garrett, Alfred E.
Garrett, Bettie
Garrett, Beulah Gay
Garrett, Burton D.
Garrett, Camilla
Garrett, Clark
Garrett, Columbia
Garrett, Earnest
Garrett, Effie
Garrett, Elizabeth
Garrett, Fannie
Garrett, Fannie McCue
Garrett, Frances E.
Garrett, Gene C.
Garrett, Gerald
Garrett, James Sr.
Garrett, Jerry A.
Garrett, Lizzie
Garrett, Mamie F.
Garrett, Norborne Allen
Garrett, Raymond W.
Garrett, Robert J.
Garrett, Sallie B.
Garrett, Sallie Cauthorn
Garrett, Sidney
Garrett, Stewart B.
Garrett, Theodore A.
Garrett, Virginia Mae
Garrett, Zenos
Gartrell, Mary E.
Gary, Angie
Gass, Albert G.
Gass, Ann Spencer
Gass, Mary Fern
Gass, Shelby C.
Gates, L.P.
Gatewood, Fannie W.
Gatewood, Jennie
Gatewood,. William L.
Gathright, Willie L.
Gay, Polly Mary
Geary, Ella
Geary, Laura E.
Geary, Ross R.
Geary, W.S.
Gelbach, Lottie Cornett
Genrich, Christenia
Genrich, Fred W.
Genrich, Grace B.
Genrich, John A.

Hablutzel, Caroline A.
Hablutzel, Geo.
Haden, Ernest S.
Haden, John Jouet
Haerer, Hilda F.
Haerer, James W.
Haerer, Martin O.
Haerer, Nathalie A.
Haerer, Otto
Haerer, Roy R.
Haerer, Walter W.
Haerer, dau.
Hagar, C. Frank
Hagar, Lillie J.
Hagar, Roy
Hagedorn, Frederick P.
Hagedorn, Sophia D.
Hageman, Fred
Hageman, Mary V.
Hager, Onita M.
Hager, Robert W.
Haggard, Ida B.
Haggard, Nannie Bradley
Haggard, W. Earle
Haggard, W.S.
Hale, Viola
Haley, Aubrey B.
Haley, Barney
Haley, Gerald Dee
Haley, H.R.
Haley, Helen Dodge
Haley, James E.
Haley, Lucy E.
Haley, Melissa B.
Haley, Rose Allen
Hall, Alice M.
Hall, Berda
Hall Bertha M.
Hall, Carrie A.
Hall, Clarence H.
Hall, Emmett J.
Hall, George T.
Hall, Hamilton
Hall, Helen L.
Hall, Ira
Hall, John
Hall, Kitty
Hall, Laura Lakenan
Hall, Lt. Emmet J. Jr.
Hall, Lura Lakenan
Hall, Mark G.
Hall, Mary A.
Hall, Mattie N.
Hall, Robert W.
Hall, Sallie L.
Halley, Laura C.
Halterman, Florence
Ham, Charles C.
Ham, Connie Lou
Ham, Mary Ann
Hanill, Barney
Hamill, Gertrude Carson
Hamill, Henry Barnes
Hamill, Mary Gertrude
Hamill, Rev. Howard M.
Hamilton, Annie Stanley
Hamilton, Arthur D.
Hamilton, Blanche P.
Hamilton, C.H.
Hamilton, Carter P. Jr.
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Georgia M.
Hamilton, Haney H.
Hamilton, Jessie D.
Hamilton, Jim
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, L.D. Bebe
Hamilton, Lena
Hamilton, Lena
Hamilton, Margaret
Hamilton, May
Hamilton, Mildred
Hamilton, Ode G.
Hamilton, Stella
Hamilton, Tom
Hamilton, W. Pearl
Hamilton, W. Scott
Hammack, A. Rufus
Hammack, Bonnie
Hammack, Elva B.
Hammack, Jack
Hammack, Kennon
Hammack, Lee Vernon
Hammack, Thelma
Hammett, Francis H.
Hammett, James L.
Hammett, Laura P.
Hammond, Charles Cabell
Hammond, Kate Houston
Hammonds, Artie Morris
Hammonds, Herman Luther
Hammonds, Pink D.
Hammontree, Noal Evan
Hampton, Anna C.
Hampton, Bessie Lovett
Hampton, Bones
Hampton, Donald Ray
Hampton, Henry C.
Hampton, J.V.
Hampton, James R.
Hampton, John Leo
Hampton, John W.
Hampton, Lena W.
Hampton, Leo M.
Hampton, Leona M.
Hampton, Mary M.
Hampton, Myrtle I.
Hampton, Nannie H.
Hampton, Rellas C.
Hancox, Margie J.
Hancox, William D.
Hanger, Effie
Hanger, John W.
Hanger, Nannie T.
Hankins, Ida L.
Hankins, John E.
Hanley, Blanch R.
Hanley, Oscar C.
Hanly, Florence R.
Hanly, Jean H.
Hanly, M. Jane
Hanly, Paul Leo
Hanna, Mabel Brown
Hannah, C. Clifford
Hannah, Everette R.
Hannah, Robert K.
Hansard, Emily Moore
Hansell, Leo E.
Hansell, May
Hanson, Martha
Hanson, Ole
Hape, C.W.
Hape, C. William
Hape, Elizabeth
Hape, Etta
Hape, J. Etta
Harden, Ellen
Hardin, J.N. & W.A.
Hardin, Jacob
Hardin, Johnnie
Hardin, Marshel
Harding, Emmett C.
Harding, Harry B.
Harding, Mary Jane
Harding, Mary L.
Harding, P.W.
Harding, William L.
Harding, infant son
Harlow, Ballard F.
Harp, Ethel P.
Harper, Anna E.
Harper, Becky
Harper, Bonnie
Harper,. Clarence
Harper, Danny
Harper, Edwin
Harper, Ella F.
Harper, George F.
Harper, Robert Ray
Harper, Idda Ann
Harper, Jabez W.
Harper, John W.
Harper, Joseph E.
Harper, Laura Riley
Harper, Lena Waite
Harper, Lewis F.
Harper, M.A.
Harper, Maggie Pasley
Harper, Margaret
Harper, Martha
Harper, Mary Ota
Harper, Mildred F.
Harper, Patti Campbell
Harper, Pattie
Harper, Rita Kerns
Harper, Russell T.
Harper, Sonny
Harper, Thomas H.
Harper, Victor L.
Harper, W.E.
Harper, W. Ernest
Harper, William
Harper, William Lee
Harper, Infants
Harrelson, Altha Johnson
Harrelson, Eugene
Harrelson, Helen L.
Harrelson, Orville H.
Harrington, Daisy O.
Harrington, Willis H.
Harris, Charlotte
Harris, Cynthia E.
Harris, D.H.
Harris, F.T.
Harris, Frances J.
Harris, Fred W.
Harris, Isabella
Harris, Jane E.
Harris, John W.
Harris, Mary Redd
Harris, Matilda
Harrison, Abner
Harrison, Abner Herschel
Harrison, Alice C.
Harrison, Andrew M.
Harrison, Andrew Roscoe
Harrison, Belva C.
Harrison, C. Ed.
Harrison, Charles S.
Harrison, Crockett
Harrison, Crockett I.
Harrison, Dr. Albert P.
Harrison, Effie M.
Harrison, Elizabeth
Harrison, Ella
Harrison, Ella McCord
Harrison, Elza D.
Harrison, Emma M.

Iman, Harvey M.
Iman, Melvin L.
Immel, Julia A.
Ingram, Bert
Ingram, Florence

Jackman, Angeline M.
Jackman, Aurelia Hunt
Jackman, Gertrude H.
Jackman, Joshua Duncan
Jackman, Mary A.
Jackman, Wm.
Jackson, Abram D.
Jackson, Alphia Belle
Jackson, Annie (2)
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, B.F.
Jackson, Beatrice
Jackson, Charley D.
Jackson, Chasteener
Jackson, Douglas F.
Jackson, Effie D.
Jackson, Eighty-One
Jackson, Ellis E.
Jackson, Eva Lee
Jackson, Ford C.
Jackson, George
Jackson, Graham
Jackson, Green William Jr.
Jackson, Hazel M.
Jackson, Helen (2)
Jackson, Henry W.
Jackson, Herbert F.
Jackson, Janice Williams
Jackson, Katherine
Jackson, Lena
Jackson, Leslie Buster
Jackson, Lillian
Jackson, Luther
Jackson, Mabel B.
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Mildred J.
Jackson, Mrs. Hannah
Jackson, Ray C.
Jackson, W. Rufus
Jacobs, Juanita
Jahla, Elvin E.
Jahla, Marguerite B.
James, Ben
James, Benjamin F.
James, Carrie
James, Clifford H.
James, Frankie F.
James, Harold Irwin
James, Josephine
James, Marjorie Ford
James, Oliver Paul
James, Richard
James, Virginia
Jameson, Mary
Jameson, Nancy
Jameson, Thomas
Jameson, W.W.
Janes, Hattie Ruth
Jasper, Marguerite Ranz
Jefferson, Martha L.
Jeffries, Ada L.
Jeffries, Don P
Jeffries, Don P. Jr
Jeffries, Elmer R.
Jeffries, Lillian
Jeffries, Mary
Jeffries, Ola O.
Jenkins, Almarian
Jenkins, Archie
Jenkins, Betty
Jenkins, D. Frances
Jenkins, Denver R.
Jenkins, Frances
Jenkins, Fred
Jenkins, Fred C.
Jenkins, Jessie F.
Jenkins, Leonard L.
Jenkins, Lurena
Jenkins, Mary
Jenkins, Nellie F.
Jenkins, Opal Harris
Jenkins, Sharon Christine
Jennings, Piccola
Jerichow, Julia A.
Jesse, America Baker
Jesse, Annie E.
Jesse, Ben W.
Jesse, Beulah